Sunday, February 18, 2007

Whether It's Global or Climate or Whether It's Weather.

Now that the "expert" alarmists have changed their tune by renaming "Global Warming" to "Climate Change", (obviously the reason for the alteration was that a House hearing on warming of the planet was canceled in Washington, DC because of a snow storm), I wonder what their next title for the "weather" will be?

Well-paid Prof. Tim Flannery, this year's 'Australian of the Year', hauls in hefty fees of up to $64,000.00 for his speeches on whether it's Global Warming or whether it's 'Climate Change' or whether it's 'Hot Air' causing the weather.

Richard Branson, who, by the way, in case anyone of you out there are still unaware, started off Virgin Airlines many years ago, has offered a princely amount of $25million to whoever comes up with a solution to rid us of these gases causing all this hot air. (I'm thinking of putting my hand up...I have a couple of solution ideas). Airlines, again for any of you who may not be aware, spread a bit of gas throughout the skies of our world. As do these well-paid 'experts'.

On the front page of this weekend's "Australian" newspaper, so I was told, cat's are being blamed as a cause of Global Warming/Climate Change/Or Whatever Weather because of their flatulence. As an aside, I've never heard nor sensed any of my cats being flatulent...ever! Some others want sheep and cattle banned because of the methane gases they emit. If these 'insignificant others' have their way, we might all end up being vegetarians whether we like it or not. If this , indeed, did eventuate...there may not be any beans, vegetables or legumes for us to there will be no natural fertilizers. Anyhow, beans would have to be banned. Chickens would have to be banned as they lay eggs and eggs would be banned. Cabbages would have to be on the banned list, as would onions, I guess. I could go on...but then I'd be aiding and abetting 'hot air'!

Of course, we mustn't forget our politicians, they add vastly to all of these hot air and gas emissions. Take Bob Brown, for instance, the leader of the Green Party (I can imagine going to one of his parties...not!). Actually, I wish somebody would 'take' him and lose him. What an idiotic suggestion he uttered the other day! He wants to ban all coal mining in this country. Of course, he had no alternative to offer...just ban all coal mining. Simple as that. Even I could make headlines with statements like that! I wonder how he will manage to travel from his electorate in Tasmania to Canberra and elsewhere? He could swim across Bass Strait then pedal his bicycle to every where else on the mainland, of course and then swim back to Tasmania when he's finished his troubadouring around the country. He could always camp along the way with his candles...I think he would be an expert at that. He'd better not use Petroleum Jelly to protect his body, though.

So whether it's the weather or perhaps in simpler terms, nature, these 'experts' continue to be paid well when they probably are the worst offenders of all!


  1. le,
    It's enough to tick one off for sure. Everybody has an aswer as to what YOU should do!

  2. Well, I believe if the individual does take care with how he/she treats the environment, it's a start, Rel. I know here in this country efforts are underway for 'clean fuel' and that includes the coal-mining industry.

    I'm not a litterer and never have been. I've never needed to be told not to litter, other then when I was a young child maybe, when being taught about and learning about life and how to conduct one's self therein.

    It was second nature when living on Hinchinbrook and Newry Island not to waste water and never to leave the tap running when cleaning my teeth. That's a practice I still do to this day...but then, I have to find them first in their bowl under my bed! ;) (Jest kiddin'! About finding them under my bed, not the 'not running of water when cleaning'!)

    "Man" has made mistakes throughout years past...this is human...I believe, in most instances, "Man" is learning from his mistakes and is endeavouring not to repeat them. I don't think I'm being naive in believing this. However, there will always be those with whom the message will never be driven home and they will continue their errant ways.

    In the majority of cases, improvements are being carried out every minute, put into practice and adhered to...there will always be the renegades, but I think they are well in the minority these days. Man is far better educated and informed about the environment surrounding him these days. One would have to be living in a dark cave not to be aware.

    I don't believe the money-making scaremongers...namely, people like Al Gore and others of his ilk, who just decided to jump upon the bandwagon as it drove past him, in my humble opinion. He can't even sing in tune, let alone whistle or hum!

    Weather, controlled by nature, has been around since the world began and will be around long, long after I'm dead and buried or eaten by crocodiles or used as fertilizer under the avocado trees on this property!

    Man (and that includes women and children...they are not "first off this boat")has to care for his environment and all that exists in it..Man has to learn about the world he lives in and how to live in tune with that world. I believe this...but I find it very difficult to take these left-wing so-called "sooth-sayers" who ride the scare-monger bandwagon as they reap in fortunes, while down-crying Capitalism. They can't have it both ways...but it seems they can and are!

    6:19 PM

  3. A lot of hot air, a lot of flatulence from the worst offender of, and I mean man, not women (or not often anyway!) Isn't it ridiculous with these idiots coming out of the woodwork just to make headlines. Aaah well, they shoot themselves in the foot quite regularly and and prove to be regular fools when they open their mouths.

  4. Noel has this theory that whether it's called global warming or climate change iy's all just natural and the way the world works, he cites history (like thousand year-old history), and talks on about how ice ages come and go to a pattern.

    I don't know what to believe -


  5. I agree, Robyn...and Della, there's nothing wrong with Noel's theory.

  6. It seems pretty obvious that the climate is changing. Shame we can't all be paid huge sums to say that!

    Over the millennia the earth's climate has changed lots of times. Where we live used to be mediterranean-like; now it's wet, wet, wet. I suppose the difference is that this time it's humans that are bringing about the change.

    I thought I was going somewhere with this comment but I seem to have lost my train of thought!! I wonder if I could blame global warming for that!

  7. That's what is causing your brain to heat up, Liz...most definitely! ;)

    It's no longer 'Global Warming' nor 'Climate Change''s 'Brain Warming!'

  8. I, too, am utterly fed up with these "experts" who jet around the world all the time telling the rest of us what to do! Well said, Lee!

  9. Thanks, Welsh. I agree we should all, in our own way, whether as an individual and/or corporation, do the right thing, but I'm so sick and tired of these experts aka 'drips under pressure' expounding their interpretations down our throats all the time. Where were they in the 'Ice Age"?