Monday, February 19, 2007

Show Me the Money!!!!

In every newspaper, on the television, in magazine, the financial experts smugly tell us "How to keep our finances on the right track'...well, I would if I could find the track and the finances. At present, I don't even have the whistle for the train, let alone the train and anything to put in it!

One article here in front of me tells me how to "improve my understanding of money". That's an easy one! I just wish I had more of it to understand!

Or this one; "Search for lost money"...I'm forever looking at the ground at car-parks, footpaths, wherever my feet may tread...I never have any luck in finding lost money. Oh! I lie...I found five cents the other day.

Gearing risk...I do have that problem. My clutch box in my car is making strange noises.

"They" also tell us how to set goals. Well, I can set the goals all right, but I'm a bit like a cricket player when it comes to kicking the football through the goal posts!

This is post 399! I wonder what I will write about in my post number four hundred!


  1. johnbranspostHi Lee

    Congratulations on your 400th post! I can scarcely keep up with your prodigious outputs. Rather than comment individually on your previous more recent posts I will include a few collective thoughts here;

    Within certain limits to exclude excessively motivated jealously, (what makes grand opera so entertaining !!) I think jealousy is a normal and possibly an acceptable emotion. It seems in our modern day societies it is very much part of every day life.

    However I also think provocative flirtatious behaviours indicate a lack of maturity and sincerity towards a relationship.

    Despite society to day being more open, possessiveness still forms our human relationships. As "Hunter Gatherers" we evolved co operative communities, elements of trust and co operation were paramount for survival. Insult that basic need for trust; our more recently civilised evolved frontal lobes shut down, we then revert to the older parts of the brain where our our instinctive emotions of hostility, yield rage and jealously.

    Coal for Energy

    Electricity through coal is the biggest greenhouse gas pollution from stationary energy, Australia's reliance on coal means we are big time greenhouse gas polluters (per person biggest in the world) after the US.

    As Australia is blessed with so many other energy sources, (unlike the rest of the world ) it is a ongoing tragedy so little work and encouragement had been initated on alternatives renwables up until fairly recently.

    Consider the advantages of renewable sustainable energy sources such as geo thermal energy (hot rocks below the surface), bio mass from agricultural and plantation forestry residues, water and solar.

    I think we must look to the new technologies to meet our needs without producing so much pollutant. Natural gas can provide 30% (including cogeneration) of our electricity by 2040.

    Coal however will remain is an extremely important fuel, as 23% of primary energy needs are met by coal and 39% of electricity is generated from coal. And 70% of world steel production depends on coal. It remains however one of the world greatest polluters.

    Once coal-fired power stations approach retirement, their replacement must use alternatives for 'cleaner' electricity. Alongside renewable energy sources, one hopes for "clean coal" technologies, finally supported by essential research and development government funding.

    I have watched in dismay as our eminent scientists have been publically humiliated over the past decade by a Government with practically no interest in renewable energy sources and climate change research, to appease the fossil fuel lobbyists.

    Many Scientist have been hounded from office and ridiculed by a government with has a simply deplorable record on the environment.

    Bob Brown's may not to be taken too seriously immeadiately, but the Howard Govt’s abyssal record certainly should be!!
    Best wishes

  2. Lindsay...I don't think anyone will take Bob Brown seriously, either immediately, tomorrow or at a latter date. It's all very well to come up with the wide, sweeping statements...we all can do that...but people like Brown never have a solution. I just wish people like him gave solutions when making such idiotic statements. He's just adding to the green-house gases with all his hot-air and pontification.

    Some of these eminent scientists sometimes need to get out and about in the field, too...and get their hands dirty. This government today has no more a deplorable environmental record than the one before it.

    In fact, I think, in truth, it has done much more than Keating or Hawke ever did.

  3. Money wont buy happiness but you can at least be miserable in comfort.

  4. Wow whats got into the blogosphere of late, deep, deep posts coming at the rate of two per day, comments by the page and now you're onto money!!
    I got some good advice many years ago, "your first million is very hard to get", so I aimed at making my second million, just wish I could recall who gave me that advice so I could tell him just how hard the second million is proving to be.

  5. So true, Lee! lol

    Thanks for that advice, you think I should aim for the third? Seeing the first and second are difficult to make..maybe third time lucky! ;)

  6. I like what "other Lee" said.

    Happy 400th!

  7. Me, too, Serena Joy!

  8. Lee, it's the only reason I clean: the hope of finding money down the back of things!

  9. lol Liz..or you find a handbag you've not used for a while...and you know you're being completely idiotic, but you still look through the compartments for the elusive $50.00 note that you could have forgotten was there!! ;)

  10. lee,
    If those blokes knew how to make and manage money they wouldn't be writing articles telling you how to manage yours.

    I understand money: Too little comes in, too much goes out.

    400? Tell a tale about something that happened 400 days, weeks, months, or years ago or all of the above. ;-)

  11. I see you and I have a similar understanding of money, Rel!

    I'm going to give a lot of thought to my 400th post overnight...this is not a milestone to be treated or taken lightly! I'll have to start counting back...your suggestion is a pretty good one! :)

  12. Money? what's that?... my SS money is deposited directly into the bank.. then i write a check for my Medical Insurance and POOF! It's all gone!

  13. I look forward to your 400th post. I've been blogging for several years now and I'm not sure I've reached 400 yet. Hmmm...

    As far as finances go, I should be paying my bills right now instead of reading blogs. Oh well! My degree's in Finance, actually. But like a good hairdresser, it's not always the best because I'm too busy with counting others' money than trying to take care of mine.

  14. It would appear I've struck a familiar chord with's so nice to see that I'm not alone!
    I should say 'jump on board the gravy-train', Deslily and Robbie before it pulls out from the station! Hehehehe

    I started blogging in May, 2006,Robbie, so I may have missed the financial train, but I certainly have been choofing along on the blogging train!

  15. I used to have a girlfeiend who walked around all the time looking at the ground. It is amazing how many pennies she used to find.

  16. I have absolutely no understanding of money. I make a decent wage, and live comfortably, but I give away too much, waste too much, and really don't see its value beyond getting food and keeping warm.

    I have always been this way. I always say that money is like air: As long as you have enough, you don't think about it, but if you run short, it becomes very important very quickly.

    I guess wealth just isn't a priority for me. I don't know if this makes sense to people, but it's something I came to realize about myself about 10 or 15 years ago.

  17. I agree with you on money, Lee. It must be easier to manage it if you have some!

  18. Hi Gary...from now on I'm not going to look at the the hope I trip over! If I trip over, it means the it's a pile of money that's caused my tripping! ;)

    Don...I'm always amazed when people say that they wouldn't know what to do with the lotto if they won it, or that 'it's too much'. I never say that...although I wouldn't squander it, I know I would share it with my friends to make sure they benefited it as well.

    I'm pretty hopeless with money, as well....hopeless without it, too!

    Welsh...I'd definitely love the chance to try! ;)

  19. Whoo-hooo, almost 400 ... way to go !!
    Money ... wish I had some !!
    Have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  20. Maybe 400 will be about you winning the lottery. Of course if you're like me you'll need to start playing the lottery to have a chance to win it.

  21. Lee, can't wait to see what you post for #499. I know it will be good. BTW, I voted for you on Don's blog, so you had better get your friends here to vote for you as well! NOW! Get started, or must I do it myself.

  22. Poopies. That should have read #400! Skinny fingers!

  23. Hiya Meow...I've done it!!!! 400 is up! ;)

    Oh...Cliff...I but a lotto ticket every Saturday...have to be in it to win it, I say....I'm still waiting for the win...but you never know you're luck! ;)

  24. Lee, if you don't enter, you can't win! That's my plan.

  25. lol must have been writing your comment as I was writing my previous one! I almost choked when I saw your "499'!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Gimme a break, I thought! ;)

  26. Lee,

    I'd be fully capable of spending Lotto winnings, but I wouldn't know how or where to invest it to make it "grow," nor do I see the need to do such a thing.

    I'd probably end up giving most of it away to family, friends, and folks who need it (in my estimation).

    That doesn't mean I'd give it to just any "hard luck story." I have a pretty good BS detector, and I'd be on the lookout for nefarious types. In fact, were I to get fleeced, I'd probably spend 10 times more, just to make the fleecer wish he hadn't done it in the first place.

    I just have no real concept of the value of money, and I'm perfectly content with that. I'd rather buy a round with my last quid/dollar/farthing than invest it in orange juice futures.

  27. Don, you mirror my own thoughts.

    In the event of such a wild dream coming true for me, I would probably store some away in a bonus saving account in a bank somewhere just to ensure that I never again had to worry about money. As for investing in stocks or whatever, I wouldn't know where to begin...and I'm too much of a chicken for that type of gamble...and it is a gamble, in my mind. An interest-bearing bank account will do me.

    I've already got it all blocked out if I won a major amount...I'd share it around!

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