Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monday Musings

Don't you just love the plethora of surveys that are continually pouring out totally useless information? I wonder who brainstorms what's to be surveyed! I might keep my eyes on the "Wanted" ads., in the classifieds. It could be a good job to apply for..."brainstorming ideas for surveys".

The British seem to be very proficient in such surveys. Perhaps it's all of that drizzly, bleak weather that has caused this phenomenon. Ummm...maybe I'll conduct a survey to see if my belief is factual. I'm going to poll myself.

The results of the latest British survey (well, the latest as of yesterday morning, that is...there probably have been more results of further surveys since yesterday...I'll check them out later!)...tell us to forget the "coffee break". 10.30am is the time to get creative. The poll found that was the best time of the day to think up your next big idea. Well, the big idea I came up with at 10.30am yesterday, while I was reading the survey results, was to have a nap as I'd had a late evening and had risen very early. My creative juices were flowing telling me to shut my eye-lids. I heeded them.

How do the young stand a chance when they're surrounded by incorrect spelling and grammar? It is reported a job advertisement last week (I have no idea where the advertisement appeared, whether it was in a newspaper or on a notice board) sought applications for the position of "barrister" for 25-30-hour week in an inner-city coffee shop. "Barrister"..."Barista"...take your pick of the cheaper option!

World! We have a problem! Global Warming...sorry, Climate Change...hang on! It's this week now, isn't it? Well, whatever it's called this week, it is so severe it will continue for centuries!

I think we should send Al Gore up to Mars, Saturn and the moons of Saturn, as soon as possible. He could take Mike Moore along as his co-pilot and Bob Brown* as navigator. Apparently, our entire solar system is warming, which is clearly not man's fault. How is it that the masses aren't kept informed of such events?

"Selective reporting", that's what it is. Who are these "experts" that keep spewing out data to us, the lowly rabble? I want to see their credentials. How come there were vineyards in the north of England in the 8th century, but by the 14th century the climate had become too wet, cloudy and cool to produce wine? Was that man's fault?

(*Bob Brown, for anyone who is not aware, is the "leader" of the Green Party here in Australia. He is a deep thinker. The week before last he announced that the coal-mining industry in this country should be shut down.
Coal-mining in the state of Queensland, alone, is just a minor, teeny-little industry worth a measly $20 billion and more a year.) Good idea, Brownie! And he gets well-paid for such ideas! /sarcasm off.

Dick Cheney has come and gone, not before getting stuck in Singapore for a few hours because Air Force 11 had a minor electrical fault. (I hope it wasn't caused by him joining the "Mile High Club" British actor Ralph Fiennes and the Aussie hostess did...the mind boggles...there's little enough room in airline toilets for one, let alone two!)

Mr. Cheney's visit disrupted our professional protesters of a hundred or so from their meditations in that they had to dust off their placards, touch up some of the faded paintwork thereon, dress in their scruffiest, dirtiest clothing, exercise their lungs that have only been exercised lately inhaling the smoke produced from bongs, and get out there in the street to shout slogans that nobody understands or takes notice of, while abusing the police in the meantime. I guess they figured they may as well get it all over and done with while they were out and about. As the saying goes, "One must get dressed up for every game!"

The 'protesters' time would be far better spent in support of our brave troops, instead of running around the streets acting like a pack of disrespectful idiots.

As for David Hicks...who? He can stay in Guantanamo Bay as far as I'm concerned, or send him back over to Afghanistan. I don't care about him one iota!

I'll step down off my soap-box. Like the protesters, I will dust it off and put it away until next time!

I think it's going to be a good week.


  1. I believe I've got a $1000 to contribute should you decide to ship Al Gore and Mikey Moore into the great beyond. I told someone just last week that poor Al had turned into a cartoon character.
    I hadn't realized that there was a Bush Administration in England in the 8th century. We should get Dan Rather to make up some facts about that.
    I loved this post young lady.

  2. Glad you enjoyed my rantings, Cliff...let loose, I run rampant! ;)

  3. I don't believe in "man-made global warming," or climate change, or new ice age (1970's version), or any of the other gloom and doom Chicken Little predictions from the EnvirusMentaless crowd.

    But anyone who reads my blog already knows this. I've spent close to a year documenting climatologists saying that the dire warnings are not supported by science.

    Yet, the call for government control and draconian changes continues.

    It shows that willful ignorance is alive and well.

  4. Hi Don...yes, I know your thoughts and they differ little from my own. Ignorance will always survive...just like mould/mold!

  5. lee,
    I think you're spending entirely too much time perusing the "news".
    The game hasn't changed in eons, only the players names change from generaton to generation.

    Have a good week.

  6. wow Lee, I can see why you are in love with Mr Minolta - excellent photos, the grounds make me very envious.. well done!

  7. It's very difficult not to, Rel. But you are correct, the game remains the same only the names of the cast members change.

    Della...I have naught to do with the gardening, en masse...I have my own little patch, plus the potted and hanging plants..and I've described previously my vegetable gardening methods! Everything goes in the pot...oops, plot!

    Mr. Minolta certainly is extra-special, Della...I am putty in his hands!

  8. Hi, Lee. Great post.
    I don't know why we Brits do these surveys all the time, but I gather the French like them even more than we do! Personally, I don't think they prove anything to anybody but there you go... I think I'm with you on climate change!

  9. Ps: I meant to say I am also with you with regard to grammar!

  10. Welsh...I think just about every country is guilty of conducting too many's not only the Brits...I was just kidding around, tongue in cheek because that one particular survey was a Brit survey. I think the majority of these surveys must be done just to keep someone in a job! I just wonder how wide the spectrum is that is surveyed? I think half of them are made up! lol