Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I couldn't let the day go by without spreading a little love. Even though many of us say St. Valentine's Day is far too commercialized, it doesn't have to be so. It can be what we make it. St. Valentine's day can be simple, kept low-key but still a day for romantic gestures and thoughts, whether or not one has a paramour at one's side or in some case, he or she maybe far, far away. With so much hate in the world, a celebration of love is a wonderful celebration and one that shouldn't be confined to just one day.

Let's all raise our glasses to 'love'...to those we love...to those we have loved...and to those we've yet to love.

Wilderness of the Heart

In the deep of night like the ancient call of the dingo
My heart howls in the darkness I weep despairingly
Wondering why my precious love you chose to forego
Tenacious images of you tease my mind persistently

Times past, times to come and today a lonely journey
Forever seeking with hopeful breaths of expectation
Through the frenzy of life blindfolded by melancholy
I exist in an artificial world surrounded by frustration


I love you dearly…I know that now
As time unfolds your presence I adore
A lost lonely spirit I appeared before
You strode into my life without a care
Showing me the way to trust love to share
Without your support the belief I so need
I would flounder stumble never to heed
Heart’s yearning desire its plaintive plea
I reach out to you for the guidance to be
My arms enfold you my soul inspired anew
Without you an eternity…
With you moments too few

Happy St. Valentine's Day To You All!
Poems and butterfly painting by me.


  1. Happy VD to you too!! (that's Valentines Day ..heh)

    beautiful flowers one and all!! (love roses of all colors)

  2. Yeah...me too, regarding roses, Deslily....I'm glad you clarified the "VD" bit! ;)

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you, too.
    Take care, Meow

  4. lee,
    Stunning poem lee. Worthy of the day!
    Happy heartday too you from me.

  5. Thanks Meow and Rel...nice to see you both...Happy Heart-Day to you both! :)

  6. A little love, nicely spread. Thank you.

  7. Thank you, Lee...nice to see you. :)

  8. Beautiful post, Lee. You really are multi-talented -- poetry AND painting.

    Happy V-Day to you.

  9. Well aren't you the talented lady. I love the painting. I wish I could do that. I've started trying to sketch faces and if a group of martians ever invade the farm, I'll be able to sketch them very accurately.

  10. Hi there Serena...I just dabble around on the outskirts of it all! :) I did that butterfly years ago and kept it amongst all my other garbage! lol

    Hey Cliff...practice, practice, practice. You'll get there...it's like everything else, the more you do, the better you become at it. Grab hold of yourself some art magazines from your local newsagency...you will find them very helpful. I'm teaching myself as I go along. I'm not one for groups and classes and prefer to do it this way...but that's just me. Read up as much as you can...it's all fun and very interesting.

  11. Love the poem, you are very talented. Happy Valentines Day!!

  12. Happy Valentines Day Lee, hope you had a pleasant day.

  13. Hi Shelly and Peter...thanks for your visit and good wishes and comments. Same backatchas! :)

  14. Ah, such talent. I wish I could paint even a stroke. And your poetry is elegant. But, is that picture a flying cat or what?

    Happy Valentine's Day. Guess they celebrate that down under too.

  15. Ahhh...I'm not sure what you mean by 'flying cat', Dave. I'm sitting here a little confused at that one! lol

    Yep...St. Valentine's Day is celebrated Down Under as well. The biggest day of the year for florists and chocolate sellers, I would imagine. Well, other than Easter for the chocs, anyway.

  16. Dave...I just had a thought...that you might have been referring to my pics of the 'flying boats' in my previous post...no...the pics are of Grumman Mallards....it is explained in my post below the pics. I take it you were referring to "Catalinas".

  17. Hi Lee ~~ Thanks for popping your head in to say Hi, and the same to you!! Your Valentine's Day post is lovely, beautiful roses, your poetry and paintings. Clever girl, very talented. Have a good Friday and weekend. They come around all too
    quckly. Take care, Love, Merle.

  18. Hello there, Merle...I'm having friends over on Saturday for lunch so that will be part of my weekend. Glad you like my Valentine's post. :)

  19. Happy late Valentine's Day, Lee. I just got internet access from the hotel, and couldn't do any "real" internet access until today.

  20. Thank you, Don. :) It's so nice to see you...hope all is going well for you.

  21. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Hi Lee, Hope your Valentines Day rocked! I'm not one for receiving big bunches of flowers.... but if he does'nt come home with chocolate.... watch out!
    Your poem was awesome... you are a wonderful soul. xox Nicole

  22. Awww...thanks Nicole...you'll enjoy those chocolates...just you wait and see. :)

  23. What beautiful flowers, Lee. And poetry. I agree with you totally: there is so much hate in the world that we need to remember love. Hope you had a good one!

  24. I did, Welsh...so did you, I hear! ;)

  25. I think they should rename it to 'share the love day' - the only recognition I got was an sms text on my phone, very strangely from one of the young guys I work with, it wasn't just for me - he sent a picture of a rose, with the request that we pass it on to everybody we 'loved'. I guess my number is in his phone contact list, it was a nice idea and I did pass it on...

    They are some stunning flowers you have, and the poetry is beautiful, thank you. Butterflys are special, I have those little fake ones dotted around the house, just to come on unexpectedly.

  26. That's nice of that young man to do that, Della. Thought is wonderful.

    Glad you like the flowers and the butterfly.