Friday, September 15, 2006

And The Dream Continues...

Only to be rudely dismantled by tomorrow morning! Yes...I'm going to win tonight's $22m Lotto! I'll buy my Audi...not yet decided whether I'll stay on the mountain....maybe I'll move to Tasmania! Perhaps, I'll go back to Noosa or somewhere close by, like Sunshine Beach. I'll build book shelves, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. I'll have installed an integrated music system. A temperature-controlled wine cellar will be the next thing on my agenda and the fun of seeking out good wines to fill it...taste-testing as I increase (for every bottle consumed, I shall purchase 6...oh! Let me not be frugal...12...24?) my stock! I'll have a large walk-in pantry, small coldroom, the best kitchen, well-planned and functional with loads of preparation area, a huge commercial-sized double sink and a bracking pan.

The only shoes I'll buy will be Italian! I'll have flowers delivered twice a week...maybe three times a week...we'll see! If I have a swimming pool, it will be an indoor pool.

My close friends will benefit from my win, (I want them to share in my fun...if I'm going to be a millionaire, they are going to be, too!) as will cancer research and childrens' hospitals.

I will invest my winnings and no longer have to worry about where my next dollar is coming from or if it will come!

Ah, yes...the enjoyment of dreaming!

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