Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Step Forward....Ten Paces Back...

Grrrr! I was without my computer for about 30 hours. I hate being without it! Now, $154.00 lighter in my pocket, it is returned to me in working order, thank goodness...or thanks to the guy who fixed it and thanks to my contribution of making the money go 'round and 'round! Just when I think I'm getting on top of things, something else comes along to lighten the coffers! At least this guy I found is a quick worker, (and close by) far better than my previous computer guy who took over three months to fix my computer one time, and never returned my calls, which was very frustrating to the point I ended up abusing him on the phone, something I really didn't want to do but had not alternative. He took six months to fix friends' computer! That is just not good enough!

So, poor again but with my 'best friend' sitting back upon the desk, I'm happy!

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