Monday, September 25, 2006

Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You!

CIA Paid Pakistan for Terror Suspects...

Pakistan's Musharraf now reveals all, bar his underwear, in his book of memoirs. Who cares? Not me. I wouldn't care about him in his underwear, either!

He just proved he 'can be bought'...and that he was scared of being bombed 'back to the Stone Age' if he didn't co-operate with the US.

I really doubt his revelations will embarrass the White House as some quarters claim. He's just covering his own back...there is an election due in Pakistan later next year.

Of course Musharraf insists it wasn't intimidation that led him to back the US...he came to the realisation all on his own that it was in Pakistan's interest to do so. Gee whizz! Even Blind Freddy could see that!

One little matter still awaits his disclosure...what he did with the publisher's fee for his book...I wonder what he did with the CIA contributions, too! Oh! That's right...those millions of dollars went into his government's coffers!

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