Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Sometimes I find I get more responsive interest from my cats when talking with them than I do when talking with people! Strange statement, I know, but it's true!

What is most annoying to me is when talking with people they get that 'far-away' look in their eyes and you know they're not listening to what you're saying. At that point, I just give up and say nothing more. It's not worth expending any more of my energy. So many people, I find, are too intune to themselves and what they are saying than they are to others and what they are trying to say. I've learned over the years just to let them have their say....it's easier that way.

The trigger to this mild diatribe is I went to the 'corner store' early this morning. I was talking with the shopkeeper as is my wont and somewhere along the way I lost him. I do give him some lee-way, though, because it was early morning and probably I was his first customer. He was still busy setting up for the day. I remember what it was like when I had my store in Noosa trying to get ready for the day. I'd be busy making pineapple crush, fresh orange juice, fruit salad, filling up the cold bins with my salads, making cakes and cookies etc., etc., et al and early customers would be a pain in the neck! Hehehehe! Even if people saw me in my shop with the doors still closed, though not locked, they would push the door open, enter and ask, "Are you open?" What can one say? You grit your teeth, put a sunny smile on your face and answer, "Yes...come on in! Beautiful morning, isn't it?" And the day begins.

I guess that's a good thing about blogging is you don't know if anyone is interested or disinterested! And you don't even have to smile! ;)


  1. Hi Lee, you know that is my argument for not putting a counter on my blog; I just know I would be 'thinking' about it if numbers were going up and down, or not there at all, better not to know.

    Then I can focus on why I came in here in the first place, which is/was to meet other like-minded people I could get to know and talk to about things, as you say, at my pace, and theirs - this way we get to say our piece, and others say their piece, and we all listen (read) and we do just fine!

  2. I thought about a counter at one point, I even got as far as putting one in but I deleted it just as quickly. It matters little, really. With time and patience,(mine) I figure more people will pop their heads around 'my corner' and if they wish to comment, they will...if they don't that's their prerogative.

    I enjoy writing and I guess blogging allows me an outlet for my latent frustrations! ;)

  3. I figure if no one wants to comment on it, it really doesn't matter if they read it.

    Sorta like someone who just waits for you to finish, so they can have their say without even listening to yours. It just isn't worth the effort.

  4. I think writing my blog is worth my effort. If others don't take or have the effort to read it, then it's their choice...and loss! ;)

    It's a bit like writing letters or emails and not getting replies. I don't mind writing them...I've always liked writing letters. Some people are just too lazy to answer, forget or don't have the ability to do so. It's no big deal.