Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Poor And Infamous!

If you've not already guessed, I didn't win Saturday night's $22m lotto! I had every number (even three in one game!) but not all numbers in the one game! It's a bit like having a 'finger in every pie'. When will the lotto people realise I want the whole pie and nothing but the pie? They keep picking the wrong numbers! Don't they know I have the right numbers! Or are they just teasing me? Enough is enough, I say!

Dreams were shattered and planned actions put on hold! Oh! Well...I've got until now and next Saturday to build them all up again!


  1. Hi Lee, a work colleague picked up $41,000 in the jackpot at one of the pokies venues the other day - playing the 2c coin machines.

    I am so happy for her...
    I always forget to buy tickets in things like the lotto, I bought one the other day.

  2. Wow! That's not a bad win at all. I never play the pokies. The only gambling I do is take my lotto every Saturday...and then have a couple of bets on Melbourne Cup Day!

  3. I'm with you on that, Lee. If I'm going to get lucky, I want to get "retire in luxury" lucky.

  4. You betcha, Don! I tried valiantly last Saturday to win the $ I reckon that would allow me to 'retire in luxury'...or luxuriously! Who knows! You may even have benefited if I'd won! ;)