Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Red Sails in the Sunset....

At sunset today, I sat on top of the mountain where my brother's ashes were spread. Taking with me a small bottle of lemon squash which I topped up with some vodka, I wondered at the vista beyond, drinking in the awesome beauty of nature. As I watched the clouds change form, turning into familiar shapes, one of a dragon, a favourite nickname my brother called me and another that reminded me of his cocker spaniel, Missy, whom I cared for, for the last five years of her life, I had to smile. The saddest part of today is, I'm the only one who remembered this day. I'm sure his children, now grown-up, wouldn't have remembered the 6th day of June being the day of their father's death eight years ago. Life can be sad, sometimes cruel...oft times uncaring...but amongst all of that, it can be joyous...like moments spent watching the sun set behind the far horizon, in preparation of the night ahead. Soon the stars shall light up the sky, with the moon in its radiance, will rule. Life goes on and with it so must I. Every moment is precious, every minute sacred.

The curtain is slowly descending on the dying day
Proudly the sun bows giving an encore display
Its cloak of many colours whetting our appetite
As it languishes after a spectacle of brightness
How rapidly the hue changes as we gasp in awe
From blue to grey, merging gently into purple
Tinges of pink, flashes of crimson and orange
A pot pourri of colour unable to be recaptured
Birds in flinal flight safely wend their way home
Tools laid to rest as man treads wearily on his way
Home before the departure of the fiery gilded orb
A prelude to darkness encompassing land and sea
The afterglow openly teases as we grasp the remnant
Of what has gone in readiness of what lies ahead
All that was brightly aglow is engulfed in sombre light
A moment's depression witnessing a farewell salute
So soon forgotten as the heavens come magically alive
With sparkling phosphorescence dancing gaily above
Day has gone to rest as the mystery of night unfolds


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  1. What a sad day for you Lee, but I hope you have some great memories of your brother to comfort you. Very beautiful poem.
    Take care