Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Here I sit...all dressed up and no where to go! Well, I did have somewhere to go but at the last minute almost, that was called off! So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, mingled with a bit of anger and casting aside thoughts of 'lonely is the life of an alone-distance runner' (I don't believe in 'lonely', anyway)...I've marinated some green prawns with loads of garlic to prepare later and I've opened a bottle of red! So, stuff the world and those in stereo is cranked up and I'm going to have and me! Roll on Sunday afternoon! The neighbours won't mind as they're far enough away not to hear.

Again, I refer to Andrew Bolt's column in today's paper. He makes another valid point...'the problem with freedom'...he is always worth reading. Today he's talking about our endless patience with East Timor and its fight for freedom whereas with Iraq, the detractors keep coming and coming and coming! Bolt says in one part - quote - "Who suddenly needs such convincing? I'll tell you. It's the ideologues who hate America so much that they'd rather defend a terrorist than back a democracy. It's the people whose paranoia of America is so great that its slightest slip is seen as a diabolical plot." And quote -"Nothing is forgiven the Americans. Nothing, it often seems, is allowed to justify freedom for Iraq, the country they dared to liberate. But with East Timor we are endlessly patient. We trust them with freedom, even though there is actually far less hope of it sticking there than there is in Iraq. Still, the East Timorese aren't Muslims, are they? And their liberators weren't Americans. Big difference." end quotes. Have a read for yourself...

The lines are not blurred....sometimes it's our own vision that is blurred.

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