Friday, June 16, 2006

Scum of the Earth...

I feel for the family of Dianne Brimble, not only are they still grieving over her sad, unfortunate death but they had to hear the filth that spewed from the mouth of one of the mongrels who treated her life so carelessly and disrespectfully during his interview with police. Silvestri and the seven other 'low-lifes' who played a part in Dianne Brimble's death deserve to be treated with equal contempt and disrespect and thrown into jail for the rest of their lives. Of course, this won't happen. As usual, the victim (already punished by these monsters) and the victim's loved ones will be the ones to be punished for the rest of their lives. No doubt, if this case comes to trial, a well-paid judge will sit on the bench, contemplating whether to purchase the new released Grange Hermitage and peering over his glasses as he gives the eight mongrels a rap over their collective knuckles.

Damn the Damn Dam And Damn the Damn Arrogance!

Why would Beattie care if he is hated by generations if he decides to go ahead with the proposed Traveston Dam? He doesn't give a damn! You can bet your bottom dollar he's ready to hand the reigns of leadership over to Anna Bligh and will call an election soon. He'll be out of there with a healthy pay-out and pension for the rest of his life...why would he give a damn about the dam? He's been told by experts the the proposed site is not suitable for a dam...but, of course, our media-performing Premier Beattie knows better than the skilled engineers...of course he does! He doesn't believe them! He said so on ABC radio for everyone to hear! Unbelievable...yes, it is!

It's funny how the attention has been deflected away from the major problems in Queensland Health since the damn dam proposal hit the news! Damn the dam and shame on you, Peter Beattie!

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