Sunday, June 18, 2006

Still Standing!

World No.1 team Brazil may have won the game in this round, but the Socceroos certainly didn't disgrace themselves. They went down fighting. Look out, Croatia, the 'Roos are on their way! Australia's No.2 on the F Table and that's not shabby! One good thing came from staying up all night (Yep! I've not yet been to bed) is, I was so energised by the game so instead of going to bed, I decided to do housework! It's nice to have it all done before 7.30am!

A Whale of a Time!

Thank goodness the votes at the IWC meeting in the Caribbean went against Japan, a defeat Japan is finding difficult to come to terms with and vitriolic exchanges between our Environmental Minister, Ian Campbell and the head of the Japanese delegation, Joji Morishita ensued. Japan, however, through some loophole/clause in the IWC rules, which is beyond my understanding, intends killing 50 humpback whales next year for 'scientific research'.

Clean-Sweep Over-Kill!

St.George footballer, Shaun Timmins will steer clear of street-sweepers from now on, I'll bet! What started out as a bit of a prank (I'm sure we've all done worse...I know I have...just lucky not to get caught, I guess!), he ended up in handcuffs and had to pay $200.00 in bail! Let's hope the Aussie larrikan spirit isn't obliterated and elimated. Let's not take ourselves too seriously. I'm sure Timmins meant no harm...and could cause no harm to a street-sweeper...well, not the mechanical kind, anyway!

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