Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rid Us of Ridiculous Radicals!

A report in today's 'The Australian' claims two of Australia's most radical Islamic Clerics will be leading a conference in July at RMIT University, Melbourne. It's claimed these radicals will be using the conference to recruit followers to their sect! Terrific news, isn't it? These clerics of a fundamentalist sect shouldn't be allowed to remain in this country, let alone conduct and attend the three-day conference! If I had a hidden agenda similar to their not-so-hidden agenda, I'd be booted out without a second thought! What's going on here? Why does our government close its eyes to this? We don't need, and nor do we want these dangerous clowns in this country! Banish them from our shores!

While on the subject of radical Islamics...although the Indonesian Government has arrested and prosecuted more terrorists than any other government in the past four years and the Indonesian police continue to uncover terrorist cells (so it is recorded and reported), their short jail term and early release of Jemaah Islamiah spiritual leader, Abu Bakar Bashir, still rubs raw in the West. He's banned from overseas travel and has had his assets frozen but that won't stop him from preaching and teaching his hate of all things Western in his schools. He needs no assets. His loyal followers will look after him. So, I imagine, it would matter little to him that his 'assets are frozen'. His schools' enrolments, it's reported, have more than doubled since his release a couple of weeks ago. Many Islamics class him as a martyr who symbolises the suffering of Muslims at the hands of the ruling, supreme West. It never ceases to amaze me just how many martyrs Islamics need! They just keep needing and wanting more and more! And I just can't help wondering how much suffering they really do suffer at the hands of the West. I bet there are some in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere who would argue that point!

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