Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy...

It's a pleasant change to read the news headlines or watch the TV news and witness the happiness of our couple of the moment, Nic and Keith. A bit of 'froth and bubble' is a healthy dose of medicine during these times of trouble and strife. Daily we're hit with trouble, strife, killings and all forms of violence, so it's a pleasant respite to share in their moment of happiness. Big weddings do little for me, in truth...I've catered for too many over the years, I guess, but being the softie at heart that I am...I have to admit my interest in their event. Goodness...I've been known to shed a tear when I was catering for weddings watching the bride and groom exchange their vows in front of the jasmine-covered arbor in the grounds of the restaurant, with romantic music subtly playing in the background, tearing at my heartstrings! I can easily shed a tear over some songs and I don't need a wedding to prompt them!

So, for a couple of days, I'm going to ignore all the bad news and concentrate on the good! Another sleepless night is ahead of me...I'll be up cheering our Socceroos on in their game against Italy during the early hours of Tuesday morning. I know I won't get any sleep before the game commences as I'll be in training! Go the Socceroos...can my feeble heart and nerves stand the pace! I'll sit on my hands so as not to bite my nails!


  1. Soccer... that's like a sport, right, only different?


  2. Yeah...yeah...something like that! And the winning team runs around the field with their shirts lifted showing of their 'abs' if in some male ego ritual...I'm not complaining though! *eg*

  3. "...winning team runs around the field with their shirts lifted..."

    Is there a women's league, too?

  4. No...I reckon you fellas get enough's time us girls had some fun! (An even wider 'evil grin'!