Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Damn Dan Brown Started It With His Damn 'Da Vinci Code'!

Jesus didn't damn Mary...so why should Peter Beattie dam Mary?

Answer that one, Mr Beattie! I wish he'd get off his proverbial upon his return to Queensland, if he ever plans to return to Queensland, that is...and visit the good folk of the Mary Valley. He should see for himself the beauty of this most productive valley. There is no excuse he can devise to explain his most stupid idea since being in power. He can't fix Queensland Health so now he wants to stuff up the Mary Valley...people's lives, homes and livelihoods.

I guess, it could be seen as a ploy to get everyone's mind off the major problems in Queensland Health.

Well, I call your bluff, Mr Beattie...hop in your government car, part-funded by the good people of the Mary Valley, (before many will be forced to go on the dole if you go ahead with your diabolic plan) drive up the highway towards Noosa...you know Noosa, don't you? Sure you do...everyone knows of Noosa...well, instead of posing on Laguna Beach in your board shorts, head a bit further north...you will be amazed by what you see.

Remember, Gympie saved Queensland a few or more years ago....it's your turn to repay the favour. Save the Mary...don't dam the Mary!


  1. Can you post a link? I don't know much about this, except that the Mary is a river in Queensland, and apparently someone is going to dam it.

    Is there an article on the web?

  2. Listed below are a couple of site worthy of a look.



    A few years ago a friend of mine visited me from the States. I took him through part of the area of the proposed dam one day. We sat on the verandah of the old pub at Kandanga and enjoyed a cold beer..I think the pub will be underwater if this dam goes ahead...I'm waiting on clarification on that. This whole area is very fertile and productive. It's beyond my comprehension that Beattie and his cronies wish to wipe it out. "Beattie's Folly"....nothing enjoyable about this folly, though.

  3. I've since learned the Kandanga Pub won't be inundated but its trading will be seriously curtailed...so I've been advised. Apparently, though, the flooding of the Kandanga Cemetery is a great concern to many folk who have loved ones interred there.