Sunday, July 02, 2006

Superman Pretender!

Sometime this week, with little or no advance warning, our ego-maniacal premier, Peter 'Media-Tart' Beattie will visit the proposed site of 'Beattie's Folly'. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s 'Super-Beattie'! He'll give no warning of his pending arrival, of course. He doesn't want the rest of Queensland to know about the anti-dam protesters. He doesn't want the rest of Queensland to know of the heartache being experienced by the people of the Mary Valley and its surrounds by the loss of their homes and livelihoods. Hundreds of displaced people with unsurety about their future and the future of their children. Nor does he wish to bring to the attention of the populace how he intends flooding acres and acres of fertile, productive land.,20797,19641541-3102,00.html

The above article is worth reading.

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