Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remove Your Head from the Clouds, Peter Beattie...Or Is It Up Your Nether Regions!

After Tuesday's hostile reaction from the good folk of Gympie and the Mary Valley to Beattie and his sad-sack league of non-gentlemen who accompanied him and who could look no one in the eye, 'Brave-Mouth Beattie' has come out and said he underestimated the immediate social impacts of the Traveston Dam....where has he been the past few months? Well, we know he spent time in Russia and China...but doesn't he know what's going on beneath his nose? Maybe if he shut his mouth for a while and listened to what the people have been saying, he might learn something!

And even more amazing, he admitted on ABC Radio that he anticipated people would be angry, and that they were angry and he thought that to be understandable! So, on the one hand he reckons he underestimated the people and on the other hand, he anticipated their reaction....ummm....

"There are a whole lot of issues that came out of that meeting," said Peter Beattie. "Particularly social issues and support issues that I'm going to have to go away and adress in a better way than we have. Those sort of social implications are happening a lot sooner than I anticipated."

Is this man for real?????? He certainly is proof that there are those who live in their 'ivory towers' having no knowledge or interest in what's going on around them....and he, Peter Beattie, expects people to put their trust in him! He has to be kidding!

Your days are number, Mr Beattie, so you may as well make all the false promises now, while you have your chance.

Oh! What's this I read in today's 'Courier Mail' have moved to reassure business you will deliver the country's biggest infrastructure progamme? $10 billion-plus worth of projects over the next four years...Wow! It's wonderful you can make these announcements...particularly during winter when your hot air will warm up these chilly winter nights and mornings!

What about the state of Queensland Health, Mr Beattie? You've not yet fixed that, have you? Or did you anticipate it would just float out of people's minds with your Traveston Dam Travesty??????

It's time you came back down to earth, Peter Beattie...and how about saving some few thousand acres of fertile, productive earth up around the Mary Valley region? Just a thought.....

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