Sunday, July 02, 2006

When The Whistle Blows on a State of Origin Legend...

Legendary State of Origin referee, Barry Gomersall (it's a pity the World Cup Soccer series don't have referees of his quality, knowledge and professionalism!) is battling non-operable prostate cancer. But like the fighter he proved to be during his tenure as a rugby league coach, one who proved his prowess and strength in the face of a battle over and over again, he's not giving up easily. Apparently, Barry Gomersall has had a remarkable turn-around in this greatest battle of all. Instead of gruelling sessions of chemotherapy, he opted to undergo natural therapy that's given him no side effects. Good for him! So many folk 'poo-hoo' natural therapies in preference for the many drugs willingly handed out to them by their doctors.

A number of years ago, I had a greengrocery/healthfood store in Noosa. A young lass of around 20 years of age came in to my store with her mother to purchase goods. Pippa, the daughter, had cancer. Her mother, who was a remarkable woman, had taken control. During their holiday in Noosa, I got to know them quite well. Pippa's mother, who had had a high profile career, gave it all up to concentrate on restoring her daughter's natural foods, therapies etc. The family sold up their Melbourne home to relocate to the Dandenongs where they grew their own produce etc., and drank pure mountain water. With her mother's dedication and strength, Pippa came through her battle with cancer. I wish more people would understand the power and goodness of nature, rather than depend on chemicals produced by drug companies and passed on to them by medical practitioners.

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