Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wimps Don't Gain Leadership!

And it's about time Peter Costello realised this! How he can continue displaying his weakness so openly to the Australian public/voter amazes me! One would have thought he would've learned his lesson long before this. He's becoming an, he is an embarrassment!

John Howard is going nowhere...can't you get that through your thick skull, Mr Costello?

The people want Howard, not you! So please go away and hide amongst your figures! Stop throwing tantrums...take your marbles and go home! The polls are against you. They are always against you as would-be leader of the Liberal Party, hence leader of this country. In your dreams, Mr Costello!

What is it you don't you understand?

Your fellow Liberal MPs don't want you as their leader. What don't you understand about that? I can't even say, 'give up while you're ahead!' you're falling further and further behind every time you open up your mouth on this issue!

I really do hate seeing a grown man grovel and cry about 'his turn'...for Heaven's sake...give it all up. Give us a break! Look at Mr Howard's record, Peter...his record in international relations with the US, Asia, the UK. Howard has gained credibility across the board in foreign affairs and in national security. So please cease being a 'petulant wannabe, Peter Costello'...let Mr Howard get on with his job.

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