Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time To Recuperate

I'm exhausted! After these past couple of weeks, I need time to recuperate! As I sit writing this, the final moments of the final game in the World Cup are being fought out. I have to admit, I gave up on the soccer when the Socceroos were so unfairly eliminated, I am watching the Cup final between France and Italy (privately hoping Italy wins, even though they did beat the Socceroos...I'm a softie about 'things Italian'...particularly the food!) I decided against setting my alarm clock, choosing the option of waking or not waking in time. As it happened one of my two cats woke me. I hadn't realised he was a soccer fan! I've only had a couple of hours sleep as last night I was up until the wee small hours watching the men's tennis final at Wimbledon, following the women's final the night/morning previously. I entertained guests over a lengthy lunch on Saturday, somehow fitting that in between all my sporting commitments! With the soccer, tennis, rugby league's 'State of Origin' and being the 'hostess with the mostest', this past week has been quite hectic and active! Well, viewing sport can be exceedingly exhausting, you know!

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