Sunday, July 23, 2006

Friends In High Places...

After a sudden, unexpected shower passed this afternoon, the kookaburras paid me a visit. One perched itself on the top of my back door. Its mate watched on from the lowest limb of a nearby tree. They're not afraid of me. They brazenly peck scraps of meat from my hands. Soon, through the rain-washed grass, two magpies with their black and white suits of feathers still glistening from raindrops, waddled to share in the afternoon tea. They, too, are now tame. One entered my rear room yesterday, curiously looking around him as he did so.

Somewhat disgruntled but completely intrigued, my two cats observed the goings-on from close by. With sideline glances at me, they made themselves comfortable while the birds had control of the moment. My feathered friends, fully aware of their presence as they always are, know they have the upper hand (or wing) with their dexterity of flight together with my protective presence. My cats soon lost interest, particularly when I called out to them "chop-chop!"... which heralds it's time for their dinner. With those familiar words and the sound of the knife blade being sharpened on the steel, they quickly forgot magpies and kookaburras.

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