Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Battle Lines Are Drawn

Beattie made his announcement not long ago in Gympie regarding his proposal for Traveston Dam. How gracious of him...he's decided to make the dam smaller...500 properties instead of 900 will be flooded! And, as an afterthought...if the dam proves not to be big enough upon its completion...around 2011...or so...or thereabouts or thereafter...it's size will be increased at a later date. Well, damn, Mr Beattie...what do the people on those surrounding properties do in the meantime? Can you answer that question? In my way of reckoning, it sure as hell wouldn't make them want to look towards the future and be productive in the meantime! I guess, it's one way the government will be able to snaffle up those remaining properties at a lower price! Geez! I wonder if Mr Beattie would like to live on tenterhooks, the way his announcement today has made these people's lives! Words fail me! There is absolutely nothing logical about today's decision...nothing, naught...zilch!

The battle isn't over, Mr Beattie...it's just begun! You've waved the red flag...don't expect a white flag from those who oppose your folly...'Traveston Travesty'! Damn you and shame on you, Peter Beattie!

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