Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Circus Comes To Town!

The circus begins on the weekend! The Cruise/Holmes wedding is to take place, that is.

I'm not a cynic but what a lot of rot and unnecessary b/s they're are going through. This is Tom Cruise's third marriage...it all seems over-the-top and ridiculous to me...and hypercritical. I wonder how long this one will last and if he will revert to his 'couch/sofa-jumping' when the divorce is announced! Perhaps someone will give them a new sofa as a wedding present as I'm sure they need a new one after Tom's antics!

Kochie, on 'Sunrise' this morning, reckons the crew from 'Sunrise' should give TomKat a 'talking Boonie' as a wedding present. Someone emailed the show and suggested a cheque made out to 'reality'.."a reality cheque". Another suggested a subscription to NIDA for Tom for acting lessons!


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Now then Lee, this one seems a little below your standards let 'em go and have their fun.
    I don't think Tom needs acting lessons, that's the one thing he does well.

  2. I agree to disagree with you Peter...I've never been a fan of Cruise or his acting abilities. And no, I'm not being below-standard...it is my opinion and I'm allowed to my opinion as you are to yours! ;)

  3. Anonymous12:18 AM

    I've never really liked Tom Cruise, whether or not he can act. He's totally up himself and the rev he gave Demi Moore because she took anti-depressants to combat post-natal depression was totally uncalled for. The guy's a controller and therefore shows his own lack of confidence.

  4. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Actually Lee, when you mentioned the circus, I thought you were going to say something about Cirque du Soleil. Much more exciting, I reckon!!

  5. Totally...it was Brooke Shield he gave the 'rev' to, but it matters not who he gave it to, it was absolutely none of his business...and what would he, being a male, know anyway, about post-natal depression?!

    Yes, Robyn...I agree. Cirque du Soleil is far more interesting than Cruise, any day! A friend of mine in Brisbane is off to see it when it comes to town! Lucky devil! :) They are spectacular shows...I've never seen one 'live' but have watched them on TV...I love the music they use, too.

  6. He's an actor, right?

  7. Ahhh...that's debatable, Don...more a clown, I think!