Friday, November 17, 2006

Cluck! Cluck! Or Should I Make Noises Like a Mushroom?

The point is, government treats us like mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us...well, you know what...chicken manure?!! If mushrooms made a noise, I would make a noise like one!

Only by persistence on the part of 'Courier Mail' reporter, Renee Viellaris, was the public alerted to the death of 49,000 chickens from an overdose of parasite control treatment. The government doesn't think us, the mere public/consumers, need to know the fact that 150,000 chickens, which had survived a toxic overdose in the feed that killed their feathered mates, had arrived at our supermarkets! Who's having roast chicken for dinner this weekend?

It is apparent the government never intended us to find out about this. Except for Viellaris's chasing up the Minister for Primary Industries, Tim Mulherin, in her investigation of this issue, we'd still all be in the dark. Mulherin is dodging and darting from the bullets and passing the blame onto others, not wanting to admit to any misdemeanour! Mulherin has been ducking and weaving for the last couple of days, refusing to answer questions and his 'deputies' and spokespeople claim he has been in 'all-day meetings'. He did, however, find time to make a press statement about Queensland citrus producers, saying they were aiming for the Olympics after their mandarins were recommended for the 2008 Olympic menu!

I guess feeding mandarins to the Mandarins is more important than feeding toxic chicken to the voting public...and their offspring!


  1. THANKS Lee! we had chicken LAST night...

  2. sorry, forgot to add - yes, please make a noise like a mushroom, I can't wait to hear it ::shakes head::

  3. Did you hear that, Della?