Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Silence of the Men!

For the next few days/weeks, you who have menfolk in your lives will hear little more than a grunt out of them! Glory be, I hear you say!

The Ashes have begun as I write! Our boys are walking out on the the field! Now, the Poms are making their entrance! It's all about to erupt!

Stock up your eskies! Load up your fridges! The test match is about to commence! I just hope our fellows play better than how the 'Young Divas' sang the National Anthem...or how the sound equipment worked (didn't work!)

With all the media hype that's been going on during the lead-up to The Ashes, it's hard not to be carried along with the euphoria whether you're a cricket nut or not! Go the Aussies!


  1. I'm trying to picture a cricket team doing the Haka before a match.

    More info on the Ashes for us in the States please?

  2. Now there's an invitation I just know you are going to satisfy Lee, yeah, go the Aussies!!!

  3. lol...yeah...that's quite a picture, gtotracker! Doesn't happen! ;)

    Have a look at the site below and it will fill you in on The Ashes.

  4. I thought it best to get Wikipedia to do my explaining for me, Peter. ;)

    We're off to a pretty good start, though I'm sorry to see that Haydn got out! 1 for 82 as of time of writing! But now I've got to go out!

  5. Wow, what a grand tradition. Reminds me of the Americas Cup when it meant something before the NY YC trashed it. Cheers to ya'll and enjoy the games.

  6. Get that Ian Botham! Dad's Army indeed - I reckon he's screwed up with envy because he's not captaining England! Idiot!

    Anyway, at least Australia won the toss and elected to bat. Not like four years ago when the team they were playing (Pakistan??) won the toss, sent the Aussies in to bat and - well, the rest is history!

  7. Botham still hasn't gotten over when the pig was sent out on the field with his name written on it! ;)

  8. ossie ossie ossie...

    Did you see where the Barmey Army has a song book with 60 songs they all know and sing in support...

    As one media announcer pointed out - and WE have ossie, ossie, ossie.

    OI! OI! OI!

  9. We don't need words...we have actions! ;)

  10. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I love all of this cricket talk. When I was getting sky sports, I used to watch some of the games in England. I kind of enjoyed it.