Friday, November 17, 2006

A Pain in the Butt!

I've switched over to Beta...for better or worse! Worse, I think, as I can see no advantages at all! Also why do I have to go through such a rigmarole in having to sign in every time I want to post??? It was much simpler the old way! As the saying goes..."why fix it, if it ain't broke?"


  1. I would have thought your next post to be more deserving of the title you gave this one Lee.
    Be patient and have a play around with the Beta format before you judge it too harshly.
    You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your posts go through and how simple it is to make changes to your page.
    Look closer, there are woods behind those trees.

  2. I'm already amidst the forest, Peter and can even see the trees! There's even a light at the end of the tunnel! I can even see the metal shining on the armour of my knight!

    I just don't see why I have to sign in every time I want to comment on my own blog. It wasn't necessary to do that previously...and that, not the mobile, is the pain the butt! (Although, I do agree it would be too!)

    I don't need anything fancy...I'm a simple person who enjoys a simple life!

  3. Ha.... you're talking to someone who has read your blog, simple indeed..
    Do you use Firefox Lee, you should if you don't, allow it to remember your sign in data and it's a one click operation from then on.

  4. Yes, I do use Firefox, Peter...I don't know why it's not storing my name etc. I guess it will wake up eventually and do so! ;)

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  6. HAHAHA .. sorry Lee, but as an internet support person, although I don't use firefox, I have to tell you that:
    'no, it probably wont...'

  7. THANKS, Della! ;) lol That's all I needed to hear! You're just paying me back for my chicken comments! ;)