Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Make Up Your Mind, Peter Beattie....This Is Not a Joke!

I do try to be happy, really I do! But "Me and My Shadow...Peter Beattie & Anna Bligh Duo" are pushing their limits with me at the moment! What a pair...better than Fred and Ginger, those two are! Or should I say Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis?

What on earth do they think they are doing? Fooling around with the lives of people in the proposed Traveston Dam area is not at all funny, Peter Beattie! It's a travesty and a tragedy what you are causing these people to go through...all you can do is laugh! How I'd love to see the government try to take your home off you! I bet that would take the smile off your face!

First, these Mary Valley folk have had to go through all the heartache of selling their properties...their the State Government...only to be told a few weeks or couple of months later that the government no longer requires their properties and will SELL the properties back to them! If I was in their shoes, I think I'd tell Beattie to shove it "where the sun don't shine!"

What a bungle! Another family was advised today that they DON'T have to sell! What on earth is going on, Peter Beattie? Oh! Yes...of course, I've got to confer with Anna Bligh first! How silly of me!

Anna Bligh, Beattie's deputy premier, is planning to go to the Gympie area tomorrow. She had better put on her battle jacket! I don't believe that her reception is going to be very welcoming...and you certainly can't blame the people of Gympie and those who are being affected by the proposed Traveston Dam!

Beattie had the arrogance and audacity to make a joke about the dam in parliament yesterday! I wish someone would wipe that stupid smile off his silly face! We had our chance back in September and failed! I grabbed the chance with both hands!

Yes...this issue is making me very angry! And I didn't want to feel this way today!


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Hi Lee, I've been catching up on your posts. You have done some interesting things and been to some fascinating places so far in your life.

    What a thrill to see all those dugongs! They are such an unusual animal and not too much is known about them. It would be a tragedy if they joined the other extinct animals.

    I agree with everything you say about global warming, but today there is so much more contributing to it. We have treated our planet so carelessly, taken our resources for granted and are now paying the price. However, I won't get on my soapbox tonight - it's not good to get me started, I don't know when to shut up!!

    I bought a salmon fillet and had it for dinner tonight, spread with seeded mustard, wrapped in alfoil and baked in the oven for about 15 mins. Served with broccoli and mushrooms and onions. Yum!

    Hope you have some luck on the Melbourne cup - great drawing of the horse. Is it Makybe Diva?! We are having a luncheon and sweeps at work on Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll get a good horse in the draw.

    Have a good day tomorrow and hope this finds you well.


  2. It was a wonderful time on Hinchinbrook Island, Robyn. I still love the island. It's unlike other 'touristy' island that have lost their natural charm. Hinchinbrook is mistress and queen of them all!

    Your salmon sounded great.

    Actually, the horse isn't Makybe Diva, but could very well be mistaken for her. I drew it a couple of years ago, I've realized (time certainly flies by when having fun!). While still quite emotional after her magnificent win of last year's Melbourne Cup, I turned an looked at the drawing on the wall and thought perhaps I should say it is the Diva!

    You are allowed to get up on your soapbox, Robyn...I do similar, often! ;)

    I hope you have a win next Tuesday, too.

  3. I cannot believe the populace did not give Pete a big shove into the negative during the last election. He should have lost at least SOME seats but alas he was given a full blown approval for his policies on hospitals, country doctors, country medicines (or lack there of, Birthing clinics and WATER!!! the dam should not go ahead. Sewerage should be treated and pumped back into the Lockyer valley and Darling downs for crops. If they can pipe gas from New Guinea then why not pump water from the North???? I lived in the Territory and during the 'wet' we had meters of the stuff.

  4. My sentiments entirely, scorpy! For years I've been harping on about piping water from the North. Joh wanted to do it and was howled down. Even before Joh's time there was talk of doing it but again, it was howled down. If it had been allowed to go ahead...this problem being experienced now would not exist.

    The proposed Traveston Dam should not be constructed, on that I am firm! I spent my childhood and the beginning of my working life in Gympie...I know the Mary Valley area...there is little enough fertile land left in this country (which had little to begin with when you look at the topography of this country). To take away this land to erect a dam that may never be filled and if it ever does fill, the shallowness and area of it is susceptible to high evaporation rates.

    I guess if all this land is taken away, it means more imports!