Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Doing a Nellie Melba!

I wonder if Kim Beazley will ever get the message! It's about time he swallowed his pride and gaffs, steps aside and allows someone else take over the leadership of the Labor Party. Not that I mind him staying as leader, mind you...he has less chance of leading the Labor Party to a victory in the next federal election as I have!

Not only is he emulating Dame Nellie Melba, Australia's famous opera singer, who kept coming back for encore performances, but now he's emulating Fred Astaire by planning to do a 're-shuffle' of his frontbench! Give up while you're not ahead, can neither talk properly, let alone sing...and I doubt very much you can do a successful 'shuffle'!


  1. You obviously have a much higher opinion of Kim than I do!

  2. Is it that noticeable, Lee?

  3. expected, it appears Kevin Rudd is going to lead the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' and challenge Beazley's leadership. I can't see him failing, really.

  4. Well, it looks like you got your wish Lee, and Lee...

    I wouldn't be surprised if Kim withdrew before the ballot on Monday - they'll know the 'numbers' by then.


  5. Well, what was expected is the expected result.

    It will be interesting to see how Kevin Rudd performs. At least, one thing is pretty certain, he won't be as volatile and maniacal as Latham!