Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Throw Out the Empties!

Well, Melbourne Cup Day is over for another year! My horses came 4th and 8th but I had a fun day, sipping on champagne, trying to pick winners in all of the races. I succeed in three with a couple of seconds and thirds, but of course, I didn't back those! There were lots of fashion highs, with as many, if not more, lows! The crowd, as usual at Flemington were in good cheer. It was great to see Flemington Racecourse has been put on the Heritage list.

Our trainers here are now going to have to 're-group', change a few of their tactics and be ready to regain the Cup to our shores next year! We can't have the Japanese (or anyone, for that matter!) taking it away from us again! It does add to the competition, of course. The Melbourne Cup and other race meetings in this country will not lose from yesterday's result.

Well, now I've got to get stuck into my preparations for my luncheon party this Saturday! There is no end to the celebrations!


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Hi Lee, glad you enjoyed the cup, I was working and it was avery full day , I won one of the sweeps which I was chuffed about. Yes the Jacaranda trees are beautiful in Gympie as well, I suppose you have seen Peter's post at Holtie's House showing some of them. Thanks for visit and comments to my site.
    Cheers Margaret

  2. Congratulations, Margaret...on your sweep win! They are always fun, aren't they?

    Yes, I've seen Peter's pics and commented thereon. Gympie's Memorial Park always looks wonderful this time of the year. It's always been like that, even when I was a child growing up. Gympie is full of jacaranda trees . I love them, always have done so.