Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Haven't a Clue!

What I'm going to write about, that is! As I've been a bit slack in that department this week, I felt I had better 'say' something today before I head out for the afternoon. It's blowing a gale outside and the temperature has dropped drastically...winter has made a return visit, so it's out with the warm clothes, albeit only for today as reports are this is only a twenty-four hour or so visit.

Not that I mind the cooler weather. I prefer it to the scorching heat of summer. So far we've had a gentle entry into spring/summer and I'm hoping against hope, we don't have a very hot summer this season. No doubt, Christmas Day will be its usual furnace.

A wild storm went through parts of Brisbane yesterday afternoon causing loads of damage. The mountain received the rain and some small hail but no damage.

The new Bond movie is being promoted heavily...all eyes are upon Daniel Craig, the new James. I think he should be okay...better than some others, namely Roger Moore. I'm still a Sean Connery fan...he, in my mind, was the best Bond.

I had an interesting experience one evening many years ago. I thought I was starring in a Bond movie. An elderly gentleman who was at the time the Australian Consul for Chile and also a Doctor of Dentistry used to take me out to dinner once a week. It was a purely platonic relationship and I enjoyed his company and stories. He was born and bred in Brisbane and a 'true blue' Aussie. During the time we were dining together was when Allende was kicked out of power in Chile. One Wednesday evening, we had just begun to place our meal order when my escort was called to the office of the restaurant. He returned to our table saying we had to leave immediately as there had been a threat made against him! He instructed me to go one way to the carpark as he went by another. Arriving at the car, I stood wondering to myself as he was opening the car door, whether or not I should climb in the car with him. My mind was racing through all the movies I had seen where the cars blew up when the key was put in their ignitions! I felt it wouldn't be very 'kosher' for me to mention this to him at that particular moment. I thought to myself, 'What the hell! If it's going to happen it's going to happen and I shouldn't allow myself such thoughts." I felt it would be a very cowardly thing for me to do, to allow him to proceed while I ran! So, I got in. As you can see, the car didn't blow up!

He drove me home along a different route...along Coronation Drive, saying that the Federal Police were following us at a distance and that they would have done all their checks on me etc. As we were driving along, I could smell petrol. Again, my mind went into overdrive. Finally, I just had to say something, so I pointed the smell out to him. He had a can of motor mower fuel in the trunk of his car! He deposited me safely to my door and went on his way!

I never did get to eat that evening!


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Never a dull moment in the world of counter espionage Lee, good to hear the storms missed you, we were supposed to cop it in Gympie but there was nothing more than a heavy 5 minute shower about 10am.

  2. Really, Peter...that early. The storm didn't come here until the afternoon...around 2.30pm or so.

    It's that time of the year for storms. Touch wood, they never get very ferocious up here on the mount...well not so far, in the four and a half years I've been here. I think they run the gauntlet between the ranges to the west and the valley below.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Funny you should say the storms never get ferocious on the mountain. A few years ago when Noni Hazlehurst was host for Better Homes & Gardens, she and John Jarrett had split and she bought a place on Tamborine. There was a big storm and she had a tree or something fall on her house, so for several episodes they showed the damage and what was done to get it right again.

    However, I think there has been nothing since then and I certainly hope you don't catch it. I often wonder how you get on with the weather up there when we're getting pelted on down here!

  4. Noni Hazelhurst still lives up here, when she's not elsewhere making movies or in stage productions (as she is at present). That 'storm' you mention, Robyn, was more like a mini-cyclone that came through. There was a low just off the coast and it blew and rained for about 18 hours, I guess. A limb of one of my trees here fell across my phone line, but that was the only damage I incurred, other than various branches and limbs broken from trees. My power here went off around 9ish on the Friday night but was back on around 8am on the Saturday morning. However, elsewhere on the mountain weren't as fortunate as this end of the mount were...I think some were out for about 48 or more hours. As I said, it was a Friday and it was in February two or three years ago. The worst that happened to me was when clearing up the debris I got attacked by grass ticks...the larvae...over about 50% or more of my body. I was just about insane from the beggars in that I went to the doctor who, in turn, put me on steriods! I was a bit put out...and told him so...saying "I'd miss out in selection for the Olympic Games!" ;) But, I can tell you, those little devils are not a laughing matter! I was having about six showers a day as I found letting the lukewarm water flow over my body helped, if only for a short while.

    Boy! I got wound up here, didn't I? ;)