Monday, August 21, 2006

Beyond Comprehension!

"Bored" youths...about 40 of them went on a destructive rampage through a country town west of Rockhampton in central Queensland, damaging the local primary school, police station, work sheds and a cafe, amongst other property.

Another group of vandals had 'fun' wrecking historic Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane. These undisciplined youths smashed 63 headstones, one of which dated back to 1890. What joy do these idiots get from such disrespectful destruction, I wonder! The damage occurred at 4am Saturday last. If their parents asked them to get out of bed at that hour, you can imagine the complaints and grumblings but there they were, roaming the streets seeking to cause trouble and destruction.

The phrase 'Rest in Peace' certainly doesn't apply any longer.

The Toowong Cemetery is heritage-listed. It holds war graves, the grave of a past prime minister, governors, premiers, mayors and many other notable historic figures together with mothers, fathers, sons, daughters of families who, in their grief, laid their loved ones to rest, trusting their final resting place would give them peace and be forever respected.

I don't believe in 'boredom' and it most certainly isn't an excuse to go on rampages of vandalism.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. National Service should be re-introduced into this country (Yes...I can hear the uproar already) but wayward youths such as these need discipline and respect from somewhere. They're definitely not getting it from their parents...that is obvious.


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