Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've searched the daily newspapers for happy stories but found only three! The headlines are of endless slaughter, murders, the accidental drowning of a two-year old, price rises, interest rate rises, personal hardship and pain.

The good news stories were....

The safe return of three children kidnapped by their father yesterday.

Hugh Jackman's grand opening night in Sydney of 'The Boy from Oz'...(the sad news is I'll not be able to afford to go to see it!)

And finally...Glory Hallelujah! There's a massive glut on the market of wine. Liquor chain store 'Dan Murphy's' have begun a national promotion, selling 'cleanskins' at $2.00 a bottle!!!!!

With everything else around us increasing in price making day to day existence just that, an 'existence', at least we'll be able to afford to drown our sorrows!

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