Monday, August 07, 2006

Where Is It?

What is our education system about these days? Does anyone know? Correct spelling and grammar have been tossed out the window, that we know. (This makes me bristle and seeth!) Today I read that geography doesn't officially exist as a subject for most school students! New South Wales is the only state in Australia that has geography as a compulsory subject until Year 10! I can't believe it! What are our governments thinking of or doing...both state and federally? A few years ago, when I was working up north, cheffing, one of my young kitchen-hands had no idea of the whereabouts of Sydney, let alone that Canberra is the capital of Australia (she had no idea where Canberra was located, either!). I guess the 'new' formula of not teaching geography in schools is the answer for her ignorance on such matters! How long has this been going on?

Particularly in times of world turmoil (the war on terrorism, climate change, water and energy issues et al) such as what we are presently experiencing, (and will continue experiencing indefinitely) one would think the teaching of geography to our young folk would be of utmost importance!

I've been many times stunned when chatting in Chat Rooms by the lack of knowledge displayed by US residents, in particular. Generally, they seem to have little knowledge about other countries. The only things many of them seem to know about Australia are Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin, crocodiles, kangaroos and koalas!

Someone should point out to the education departments the error of their ways.

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