Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Forever Watchful... Forever Vigilant

One would hope the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and whatever other authorities are needed maintain a watchful eye on 'Jihad Jack' Thomas.

His activities and connections, in the very least, must raise a suspicious, curious eye even if he hasn't been, so far, convicted. He can deny as much as he likes any intentions of undertaking terrorist activity in Australia but his behaviour says otherwise. And it's this behaviour that must be taken seriously.

After 9/11 while our soldiers and the soldiers of the US were committed in the fight against al-Qa'ida and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the latter were vainly trying to kill Australian and US soldiers. Thomas was in Afghanistan on the side of the Taliban. To my way of thinking, that most certainly says a lot...more than a lot! Thomas, himself, admitted to this in his interview with the ABC's programme 'Four Corners'. Why would a person, if he was innocent of such deeds, claim this? Again, to my mind, it's nothing to sprout off about or be proud of...get rid of this creature from this country. If the courts are unable to lock him up because of archiac laws, send him back to Afghanistan or Pakistan where he belongs! He is not wanted here.

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