Sunday, August 06, 2006

There Is An Easy Solution!

An article in today's 'The Australian' caught my eye. In the US, recent brides suffering from PWD...(post-wedding depression!!! My! God! What next!) are, in increasing numbers, visiting psychologists seeking therapy! And the bigger the wedding, the harder the poor little dears suffer after their 'big day'! 'Tsk! Tsk! I do feel so sorry for them...not!

I have the solution to all their problems and it's much cheaper for them than going to a psychologist. Elope (then throw a small party) or have a small gathering of close friends and immediate family. Do away with all the fuss, penquin suits, over-blown, expensive dresses that will never be worn again, expensive venues and menus, (and don't forget that costly cake, that ends up being sat on or squashed under someone's pillow!)...and tell Great Aunt Myrtle, you'll call by for a cup of tea or glass of wine next week!

As the majority of couples live together these days before marriage, why they feel the need to spend so much money on all this 'outside show' garbage beats me! It is money that could be well spent elsewhere leaving nerves and wallets intact!

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