Thursday, August 31, 2006

Same Old Song...Same Old Dance

As we draw closer to Saturday, 9th September State election all the same old promises are being sprouted. Premier Beattie who's had eight years to 'fix' things and has failed miserably is now showering Queenslanders with promises and bucket loads of cash as bribes for them to elect him for a fourth term.

He has failed to fix Queensland's in the same, if not worse condition as it was in this time last year and the year before or before that for that matter! He's trying to push the government's 'stable' leadership and economic credentials into our faces and down our throats in the hope we forget his bundling efforts over Queensland Health...amongst other things!

Beattie's classic performance yesterday, worthy of an Oscar, saw him promise tax cuts for first-home buyers, cash incentives for apprentices and a $145m injection into medical research...just a few of his long list of 'promises'.

What beats me is...Labor has had three terms already to address all these areas...why hasn't it done so? Why is is that politicians think the general public are so gullible that they believe their pre-election promises? Beattie and his mates spend so much time listening to their spin doctors...time that should be spent on rectifying the problems at hand. And...they spend too much time listening to and believing in what pours forth from their own mouths. Beattie, our 'media tart' is lapping up the stage....I hope he gets egg on his face and isn't asked back for an encore!

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