Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't Cry For Me, Gympie....
(Sung to the tune of "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina)

Poor Elisa Roberts, Gympie Independent...she began as Gympie's 'One Nation' candidate and won the seat in 2001 (then quit the party to run as an Independent)...doesn't know whether she's coming or going (she's going...she just needs to be reminded every day)...or whether she's Arthur or Martha (I can't answer that one).

Of course, she blames the Liberals and Nationals for her condition...'they've broken my spirit', she complains, popping a few Valium and sleeping pills...what a combination? (The pills, I'm referring to!)

At first she was vocal in her support for the proposed Traveston Dam, then she changed her mind and became a vocal 'anti-dammer'. begins to wonder, doesn't one?

She reckons she's been broken into a million pieces, so I guess one piece was for the dam and another piece was against the dam. One piece was still in the One Nation camp. Another piece was acting as an Independent. Another piece is going to vote Labor on September 9th, for some guy who lives in Brisbane! Ms Roberts lives at Amamoor in the Mary Valley within the Gympie electorate! So, one piece is in Amamoor still fighting with her neighbours. The remaining pieces are scattered far and wide!

Roberts' declared in July she would quit her job and then ten days later took back her words, announcing she would stand and then, a few days later pulled out again...and yes, wait for it...a few further days later stated she was back in the race! And there's more...she pulled out again! Now, the ballot papers, already printed, have her name up as No.1! It's too late to change the ballot papers...but then...our dear Ms Roberts could change her mind again a few times between now and tomorrow week! If the confused people of Gympie vote for her they will be faced with a by-election immediately after the state election! However, I have more faith in the good people of Gympie...I think they've had enough of their yo-yoing, back-and-forth, overly-emotional and not terribly informed member! And, they do have newspapers, television and radios...and never fear, Ms Roberts, they are well-informed! I'm sure they're all sick of feeling like spectators at a tennis match with their heads going back and forth!

Oh! Dear! Ain't politics grand?

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