Sunday, December 10, 2006

Between a Rock And a Hard Place...

Tell me please, what are police supposed to do? They are in a "Catch-22" situation.

State Coroner Michael Barnes and, no doubt, O'Gorman and his maudlin band of merrymen would have it that police cease and desist from pursuits.

Oh..well...the police should just sit tight in their cars when they recognise a stolen vehicle or someone high-tails it when requested to pull over by the police...they should just switch on the car radio, listen to some music and sip on a mug of coffee! Sure...then the do-gooders would be jumping up and down in apoplectic fits, tearing their hair out, bemoaning the fact that police are sitting in their cars sipping on coffee when a stolen vehicle or criminal is recognised!

It's hard to win these day, isn't it?'s a tragedy when an innocent 13 year old girl is killed by an unlicensed, most probably drug-fuelled idiot who was trying to escape police capture, but the police can't just turn a blind eye!


  1. Damned if you do and damned if you don't seems to be the story Lee.
    Goodonya on the Tatt's Club too, there is absolutely no reason why there has to be mixed sexes in EVERYTHING, and who would care what an idiot like Germaine Greer thinks (if she ever does).

  2. It certainly is the case, Peter. Police have a thankless job. What are they supposed to do...let the crims rule the world? They get away with just about everything now as it is!

  3. The City of Houston had this policy for about a week last August. The short version of this story is that is how long it took for the city to realize such a policy will not work.

  4. I agree, gtotracker...sitting on their butts because car pursuits have been outlawed will not work.

    Consideration is being given here to special 'Safe Driving Policy' being implemented. Compulsory pursuits' training is being considered...but of course, as with all parliamentary decisions, this probably won't go through until sometime next century or even later...particularly seeing the Christmas/New Year Season is on our doorstep and most of our government members are on holiday until the new year and parliament won't sit again until February, I think.

    How difficult can it be for the Police Minister in this state and all other states,for that matter, to give a simple nod to the compulsory training in pursuits! Anyway, why don't the police just go ahead and train their officers. Why should they require permission from bureaucrats to do so?

    No wonder our police are confused by all this 'to-ing and fro-ing'. Poor buggers...they've got a job to do...let them do it! If they use capsicum spray, they get jumped on by the idiot civil libertarians and Kerry O'Gorman rubs his hands with glee...the police get blasted for car pursuits. It's about time someone got on their side and let them get on with their job!

  5. I would also like to see more emphasis in the availability of better quality pursuit vehicles for the police, cars with improved superior handling compared to your dressed up falcons. Maybe also improved training and advanced driving skills to be made available to our police to provide more support to them. But don’t abandon responsibility because of the possibility of calamities, arising from the perpetrators irresponsible and life threatening actions in the fist instance.
    Best wishers

  6. It is a tragedy when an innocent life is lost because some moron has done the wrong thing by breaking the law. I thought trying to bring the drug crazed drivers of stolen cars to justice was protecting the public, why blame the police for a terrible accident which happened in the line of their duty. If the moron mowed someone down it would be where are our police? Why did they not stop him?
    Cheers Margaret

  7. If the 'do-gooders' had their way, we would just hand over our car keys, homes, etc., to the morons...saves them having to steal our hard-earned property. We shouldn't make it difficult for them.

    Now, I'll turn off my sarcasm switch!