Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kicking And Squealing!

The decision is cut and dried! The Tattersall's Club in Brisbane is to remain a man's domain, not allowing women to become full members (pun included!). Good for them, I say! A few disgruntled women expressed their dismay over the decision, so be it! If they want a club similar to what the Tattersall's Club has on offer, let them start their own. I've commented on this in a previous post and I still stand by my opinion. Let the men have their club. It is their right. They started it way back when. Rampant, raging feminism is long gone. It's about time women like Sarina Russo realised this and put their money where their mouths are. They need to start looking around for a suitable building in the city and get "crackin'"!


  1. Some people can't/won't accept that things have changed Lee.

    Rampant, raging feminism is long gone.

    While this may be taken as a chauvinistic opinion, "and not before bloody time" the radicals were not interested in equality, they wanted dominance.

  2. I agree. I just can't see why it is such a big deal about keeping the Tattersall's Club as a men's club. I say good luck to them. Women can still go there accompanyied by their husbands/partners...they just can't come full members. Splitting hairs, I think, just for the sake of splitting hairs!

  3. And to add to that, I've mostly looked after myself all my life...and have done a lot of things men wouldn't even consider doing...I'm not a feminist and never have been. I'm an individual and I look at life straight in the eye, asking no favours from or of anyone.