Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Day Has Arrived!

I awoke very early, only to be disappointed! Santa didn't leave me what I asked and wished for! Actually, silly looks like he by-passed my cabin altogether. He probably couldn't find me because of all the trees! I guess I'll have to drink the vodka I left out for him myself, now!

The moments are ticking by, slowly, until it's time for me to make my first bellini. It's only 9am as I write, so I guess it's a little too early yet to pop a cork on the champagne...but then it must be 5pm somewhere in the world! I know where...perhaps I can pretend I'm there! It's still Christmas Eve where it's 5pm in the world, so that's popping cork time, I reckon! I'm getting a bit thirsty...after all, I have been up out of bed since 4.30am! I beat the birds this morning, I think!

All is ready. I've made an antipasto. Bowls of fruit, lollies/candy, nuts, ginger together with the cake, mince tarts are waiting to be attacked. The prawns, oysters, calamari and sea scallops will be just right when the time comes for me to attend to those. I've yet to whip cream for the pavlova...but that can wait until much later. Let's not rush things. Today, I am going to relax, enjoy my music. An array of classical music is playing at present. As the day progresses the tempo will become more upbeat! I've picked out a vast selection, including Matchbox 20, Queen, Lynryd Skynryd, Guy Clark, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Willie, of course, Canned Heat, B.B.King's 'Duet' CD, Amazing Rhythm Aces, plus others that take my listening fancy along the way. I may even toss in a bit of Reo, and perhaps, a bit of Julio when I'm feel like listening to some romantic melodies.

The cats have been warned and greeted with Christmas cuddles. Once the seafood appears, Remy, my male cat, in particular will be close by. His sister, Shama, cares little about what I eat, but Remy, well, he's different story all together! I've more than enough food to go around....ten-fold or more!

I hope you all have/had a wonderful Christmas. I'll send all my good wishes your way...together with a few hugs thrown in for good measure!


  1. From one Lee to another, I hope it was a fabulous Christmas and is followed up with a year of much love and happiness.

    And food.

  2. LOL....I think you have my record collection... Matchbox, Queen, Lynard, Mac and Floyd...Is it Willie Nelson? My favs are Eagles, Bob Seiger and Rodriguez....Too many memories with those tunes :) I got back today after a 7 hr drive and the weather in Brisvegas was HOT...I missed the rain and the only cool day!

  3. Nice to have you back from your island jaunt, Lee! Best wishes to you, too...I hope 2007 treats you kindly. :)

    Hiya, scorpy...nice to have you back too after your visit to the 'big smoke'! It's not been too hot up here on the mountain, thank goodness. Brisbane is always hotter than here...what a pity you missed Boxing Day down this way..the rain was beautiful. It made it great day of no excuses and cricket watching! I didn't poke my head out the door!

    Yes...Willie Nelson. I think he's great. I went to his concert last time here was in Aus...around 2001 or thereabouts. He was fabulous 'live'.

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Canned Heat and B.B. King can grace my stero any day of the week.

  5. Hiya Steve...let's not forget JJ Cale...oh..of course, Van Morrison. Throw in a dose of Eric Clapton, Bob Seeger and a pinch of Jesse Winchester and a dollop of Steve Earl, a sprinkle of Gary Moore, a dose of Jeff Healey, smoothed out with a few spoonfuls of Chris Rea and Ry Cooder and let's add John Mayall to the mix as Bowie and Springsteen spread on the icing. And Janis Joplin while sipping on B-52's measures her Little Feat!

  6. I hope you are enjoying the break -How about singing along with 3 wise drovers!!

    Across the plains one Christmas night, 3 drovers riding by ….and gay
    Looked up and saw a starry light, more radiant than the Milky Way
    And on their hearts such wonder fell, they sang with joy “Noell Noell”

    The air was dry with summer heat and smoke was on the yellow moon
    But from the heavens faint and sweet came floating down a wondrous tune
    And as they heard the sang full well, those Drovers 3 “Noell Noell”

    The black swans flew across the sky, the wild dog called across the plain
    The starry lustre blazed on high, still echoed on the heavenly strain
    And still they sang “Noell Noell ” those drovers 3 “Noell Noell”

  7. Sounds like those drovers might have been from 'Brokeback Mountain', Lindsay! ;) And what happened to the third 'Noel'? Was he waiting back at the camp fire...or the row of tents? ;)

    I hope you're enjoying your break, too.