Sunday, December 03, 2006

Imagine This!

This would be worse than facing the Kiwis' 'Haka' at the beginning of every football match!

Just the middle of a tackle or scrum...or racing to land a goal and the opposing Muslim team get in line praying to Allah that the Broncos et al don't make the try or kick the conversion!


  1. Here, here on those 3 posts Lee, although I do own mobile I never use it, I carry it in case I need to make a call when away from home(I never do!!) not so people can call me, I'd have to turn the bloody thing on then.

  2. If I was travelling alone at night, Peter or doing long, highway travelling, then I would consider getting one, but as I do neither...I hate going out at night...had enough of late nights when I worked in the hospitality industry. I prefer luncheons to evening dinners etc. Lunches are more fun...and I still have my evenings to myself, then!

  3. Love the photo, Lee. What a tempting shot!

  4. Hahahahaha! Sure is, Robyn! ;) Kick a few balls! Pun intended!

  5. Love the pun, Lee!

    Thanks for your concern about the snake - actually a kookaburra was seen bashing a snake, we presume it was the same one. Anyway, because the kids play all around the place, Fred's organised the "snake man" across the road to come and suss things out.

    There's a guy in the front of us who doesn't keep his acreage very tidy and we think if there are snakes, that is where they will be.

    Hopefully we can make the place safe again.

    Once again, thanks very much for your concern, Lee.

  6. Better safe than sorry, the snake. This dry weather brings them out and about looking for water. I'm keeping my eyes peeled up here, too. Snakes are one of the reasons I encourage the kookaburras to hang around...they may as well do something for their keep! ;)

  7. Hi Lee,

    If your team were playing against them, then I guess there would be a big time out till they were done.


  8. Time for the team to go to the pub for afternoon tea during the break/s, Janice! ;)