Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well! Well! Well!

Here I my computer...11.03pm! I had a wonderful lunch with wonderful friends. Paul and Fia arrived at 11am...left at 5.30pm. They and I were sated...over-sated! We grazed and grazed over the pasture of delectable food as we sipped on equally delectable liquids! Yes...I have to honestly admit, the food was a great success and as for that dessert...well, there are no words to describe it!

About 5 minutes after my guests departed, I received a phone call from a young friend of mine, my landlords' 26 year old daughter, asking if she could come down for a drink or two. Of course, you know my I need not go any further!

Robyn arrived. I brought out some of the luncheon left-overs and, thankfully, she had a hearty appetite after her day teaching. She wanted to share her good news with me of her appointment in 2007 at a school about 40kms out of Roma...south-western Queensland for you who are not familiar with the geography. I am as thrilled about the news as she is. We sat, talked, sipping on a wine or two as we discussed life, hers and mine and the adventures that lay ahead for her...and some that I have had. Sometimes life is terrific and the adrenalin and tonight have been two of those times.

After Robyn left...which was around 8.30pm...I rang friends of mine....good friends of old. Friends I have known for many, many, many years. We don't often talk together, but that doesn't mean we don't care. I think of them often, and I know, they think of me often. Tonight, unplanned, I called. I am so glad I did.

Friends, good friends...those who know you, like you, love you, warts and all...are friends to cherish. Time in between 'connection' really means little...nothing changes. One crowded a life time of wonderful memories. I do not ever want to be without my good friends...those who know and understand me for who and what I am. It really doesn't matter if time passes between communication....nothing changes.

I've put on lots of 'fronts'...'facades' throughout the years because I found it necessary to do so in the various and varying different positions I've held in my working career. I don't need to do that any more. I probably never had to do it at all, but I did. I think a lot of us, the majority of us do similar. When it boils down to the nitty-gritty, one doesn't have to do that, but I guess, with maturity (?) one learns that lesson. I think I have learned it...and learned it well.

I said in my previous post that I 'felt it in my bones' that today was going to be a good day. I was right...or my bones were! It has been a marvellous day...and an equally marvellous night. My thanks go to my good friends...not all of them, but those who have shared this day and night with me. Thank you!

PS...I don't mean that I don't thank all of my friends for being my friends...I do...some were included in my conversation they're not forgotten!


  1. You are sounding very mellow there Lee, no more wine for you tonight!!!

  2. more wine for me, Peter...I'm enjoying a Chivas or two! ;)

    PS...yes...I am feeling mellow...contented...yep! It's been a very nice day/night!

  3. Hello, from peppylady. Who lives in North Idaho, USA.

    On Thursday most of the time when I do my Thirteen Thursday on blog hoping and came on your site.

    Left overs some time makes the best meals.
    I know more time you reheat lasagna better it gets each time you re heat it.

    Stop by.

  4. Glad you had a great time, Lee. I know what you mean about those old friends who know and love us warts and all. I'm having some of them come tomorrow night and I'm so looking forward to it. We can reminisce, give each other heaps about various foot-in-mouth episodes and just generally enjoy each other's company.

    Aaah, I'm really excited about it.

    Don't drink all your Chivas in one go, though Lee, you will definitely need it at another time, lol!

  5. The bottle is not yet empty, Robyn! I really enjoyed what I had of it, though. Sometimes there's nothing quite like a good scotch and I was really in the mood for a couple or three last night! ;)

    I've got a lot of 'foot-in-mouth' stories, too! (And my feet aren't small!)

  6. Good on you, Lee. I'm glad you had such a full and joyful day.

  7. Thanks, Don...that's my last bit of entertaining for a while, though. I'm going to pull my head in and become anti-social for a while. Paul & Fia, my friends who came to lunch yesterday, are off to South Australia on Monday next for a month. I wanted to catch up with them before they headed off...kinda early Christmas/New Year celebration, seeing they won't be here for Christmas/New Year. I'm planning on a very quiet time throughout the Season...just me and me...and my two four-legged friends.

  8. I really miss having great friends and days like that...I'm a little jealous :)

  9. We're a wild threesome, scorpy...the 'Three Stooges' have to run to catch up! ;)

  10. peppylady...thanks for stopping by. Just a quiet word of advice...don't reheat your lasagne more than once...if you need to reheat left-over lasagne (and this goes for everything else), just reheat the portion required for that particular meal. Bacteria is a greedy critter, you likes to take over and cause mayhem in your body's do be very careful. Tomato-based sauces are need particular care and can be amongst the first to cause poisoning.