Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Raindrops Are Falling On My...Well, Not My Head, But On My Roof!

The chicken is doing its thing in the oven. The aroma is sorely tempting my taste buds! The table is set and everything else is at the ready! While I wait, I opened a bottle of Chivas Regal that was given to me for my birthday last month. I decided it was time to enjoy a nip or two as I await the arrival of my guests, Paul and Fia.

The rain sounds wonderful on the roof...and it's not a storm, which makes it even better. I hope it settles in for a while. The cats have come inside complaining because they got wet. They're in for a shock when my friends arrive. I'm afraid my two furry rascals aren't very sociable when it comes to visitors! They would rather go to find a hiding place and spy on the proceedings from afar. I thought I brought them up better than that!

I think we're going to have a fun afternoon...I can feel it in my bones!


  1. Isn't it funny how cats complain about the rain - as if we could do anything about it, even if we wanted to!

  2.'s always my fault when it rains, two get up close and personal, staring quizzically right into my eyes, talking away! I comfort them, tongue-in-cheek as they shake themselves in disgust!