Sunday, December 31, 2006

One Endless Night!

'Tis the 31st December, 2006! My last day of 2006 began at 3.30am - why did I wake at that early hour? I really have no answer to give, other than perhaps I wanted the last day of 2006 to linger longer...I wanted to stretch it out as far as I possibly could! Life is like that sometimes. At times, I get weary. I get 'down'. I want to disappear from the world and humanity, but in saying that, also I want to savour every precious moment. Once the moment is gone, it can never be repeated! Time trudges on unforgiving, sometimes cruelly...other times kindly. Life is a asks many questions of one. I'm yet to find all the right answers. I never will, but it sure as hell is interesting, intriguing and inspiring trying!

Dear friends...a couple...husband and wife...came to lunch today. They arrived around 11am and departed full of good cheer almost six hours later, give a minute or three. A most enjoyable, laughter-filled afternoon ensued. Of course, we ate far over our limits...but what's new, amongst good company? It goes without having to say...we sipped on a few grape juices, also! Copious amounts of all things that tickle the palate! Our whistles were well-moistened!

Now I am back to being me with me. For a while as the sun, hidden by a shroud of high, grey cloud, descended below the far horizon, I sat outside enjoying the peaceful ambience of late afternoon. Raucous white cockatoos made a rowdy farewell to 2006 or an early welcome to 2007, as they flew and swooped across the sky above. Do you think they wanted me to invite them down to have a drink with me? Maybe I should have!

Subconsciously, I think my Scottish heritage came to haunt me. The lunchtime debris has been cleaned, washed, covered (what little there is left of it!) and put away. The dining table is back in its rightful position. Even the floor has been swept! As is the Scottish tradition, I now await my tall, handsome, dark-haired gentleman to be the first to cross my threshold at the stroke of midnight! I have the right candidate chosen for this duty! Unfortunately, he is thousands of miles away! But, hey! I can pretend...I'm great at pretending! He is here in spirit, whether he knows it or not...his spirit will always be with me...New Year's Eve or not!

Being part of dusk falling is an awesome matches being a part of the golden, fiery master...the sun, rise. Many sunrises I've witnessed...if I'm lucky...and still awake, I might be here, sitting on my patio, part of tomorrow's first, silent entrance. I'm in 'that' kind of mood this evening. Even if I don't make it through to sun rise...I will see the New Year in...that is a promise...not a threat!

A light, gentle, balmy breeze interrupts the sleep of the leaves upon the trees. They're not protesting. The caress of its soft, gossamer breaths of air is a soothing lullaby.

In case you have been wondering...I am going to have a most pleasant New Year's Eve. I hope your New Year's Eve is likewise enjoyed.


  1. Anonymous2:54 AM

    An awsome post, Lee. I enjoyed it. You will see the New Year arrive before us. Have a great evening. It noon here and we have a few hours to go.

  2. That's okay, Steve...your New Year will be newer than ours! ;) I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I'm feeling in a wonderfully mellow mood. :) I hope it is contagious!

    I'll have a glass of good cheer for you and yours! :)

  3. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Thanks, Lee. I'll have one for you tonight.

  4. Thanks to you, too, Steve. :)

    It's nice sharing the time with you. (And the glass of good cheer!) ;)

    Here's to a fellow Scorpio...we're not a bad lot...weird, but not a bad lot! ;)

  5. Hi Lee ~~ I have not been able to comment for a few days on your posts.I enjoyed reading them and the banter about the Lotto, and I didn't have any luck either. I hope you are having the great evening as you expected. I am, in as much as I have my blogger working again, have put up the new calenders, done some cooking and watched an Eagles concert when they were in Melb. in 2004. Thank you for your comments and good wishes.
    This post was written beautifully
    written with such thngs as balmy breezes, gossamer breaths of air
    and fiery master, the sun. Just
    Very good Lee.Happy New Year,May your dreams come true. Love, Merle.

  6. My same wishes go out to you, Merle. :) I'm taping the Eagles'concert and Michael Buble' before I'm listening to music on my stereo...I'll watch tonight's tv concerts tomorrow...the ABC have some great stuff lined for tonight. I've got 8 hours of taping in that should just about cover it all! lol

    It's great to hear from you, Merle...I'm glad you enjoyed my post. :) Have a great evening...and an even better 2007! :)

  7. Gidday Lee
    I've been up at Peter's since Thursday arvo and arrived back home this arvo. So you were up at 3.30am.
    Gosh, we had just gone to bed.
    Peter had gone down the shop on Saturday to get some Lotto tickets.
    Just before the drawing began he asked me again if if wanted to pay for half the tickets and share in the 50/50 win. Nah I said, I'd rather throw my money into the street. After the draw and Peter checked his tickets he said "good choice" that I had not invested my $6.00.
    Damn I missed the Michael Buble concert.
    Have a drink or two for me and enjoy your New Year.
    See you (oh well write with you) in 2007.

  8. Good to hear from you, Wazza...I can imagine you two cowboys having a wild , old time up there in Gympie-town! Glad you were able to get together over the Christmas break.

    Yeah...I should saved my have to be in it to win it...or lose it! lol I'm forever optimistic! ;)

    Yep...maybe someone at your work taped the ABC's programme tonight...Buble', The Eagles and Cream...not a bad line up at all...I've got it all on video tape to watch at a later date. I'm busy playing CDs that I've not heard for a while here...and thoroughly enjoying my choices...having a bit of a party with me and me...with the two cats ignoring. My black & white one has just wandered I usually bring them in just before I guess he's my 'handsome, dark-haired guy' who's supposed to be the first to cross my threshold! Drat and damnation! I lose out again! ;)

    I certainly will raise a glass your way...a filled glass, that is! ;) Happy New Year, Wazza! :)

  9. GHi Lee, you already know what we have been up to I see, good luck with the TDS at midnight and have a Happy New Year.

  10. lol Peter! It will only be in my imagination! ;)

    I can also imagine what you two got up to, up there when Wazza was visiting! I hope the weather over the past week was as kind to you in Gympie as it was here on the's been terrific...the coolest Christmas period in a long while...I love it!

    Have a great New Year, Peter. :)

  11. Love the post, Lee. I'm sure those cockatoos wanted to drink with you! Here's to tall, dark, handsome men! HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SICILY.

  12. Happy New Year to both you and that cockatoo, Lee!!!! ;0)

  13. Great Read as usual Lee. May you have a Very Happy and prosperous New Year. Good luck with that first footer.
    Thanks for visiting my site and your comforting and supportive comments.
    Cheers Margaret

  14. Happy New Year, Lee! Like you I taped those shows on the ABC to watch later, too. I actually watched Chicago on Seven - the music and dancing was wonderful!

    I also spent New Year on my own, I just preferred it that way. Had an invitation to a friend's but I felt like my own company so "declined with thanks".

    I managed to stay awake until midnight then went to bed and zonked out completely (I think it was the wine, teehee).

    Hopefully, Mother Nature will send us some rain today - it's forecast, but I'll believe it when it happens.

    Have a good one, Lee


  15. Welshcakes...that was a bit mean of me, wasn't it? I might look out for them today and invite them down, using some excuse or the other! ;)'ve been gone so long, I thought the aliens had come and abducted you! ;) Nice to see you, again...and your intentional pun! :)

    Thanks, Margaret...glad you enjoyed reading my are more than welcome to my best wishes. :)

    Robyn...I was awake until shortly after 2am...I gave up about the sunrise...opting for sleep instead! I had a very nice, relaxed evening listening to music and my own thoughts. I ended up catching "New York! New York!" half-way through it, so I whacked it on the end of the music video. I realised I'd never ever seen it. I hope it pours with rain too, but I see blue sky out there, peeping through some grey clouds..damn! I hope the clouds win the battle!

    A happy, prosperous and safe 2007 to you! :)

  16. Hello Lee, no part of the $33m here either

    We stayed for the fireworks from Sydney Harbor, and we taped the Eagles and Cream, we saw the Eagles live in Brisbane last year (what it last year or the year before?)

    wow, that Cream are old rockers, for sure! But still brilliant, where do they get the energy?

    Speaking of energy; I 'wrote' a post in my head this morning, very early, I started to think about NY resolutions, and moved on to the year that was - and other resolutions and other years - I am afraid the post would have come out very gloomy - I'm not sure why - I don't 'feel' gloomy - perhaps it was just reflections, better left unwritten, do you ever do that? Think something through in 'post' style, then let go of it?
    It's almost like having talked it through ...

    Your lunch went well ... people who like to laugh, my favourite people!

    Happy New Year ...

  17. Happy New Year, Lee. With a house full of Scottish rels we saw the NY in properly - alas no whisky, but Drambuie and shortbreads after having been in town for the fireworks. And Auld lang Syne around the piano, of course.

  18. All the best to you in the new year from marc and Stormy. May God Bless you with all that you wish for that will make you happy.

    Look forward to teasin' you on LST next year. Enjoy the southern cross for me!

  19. Hi Della, Lee, Marc & Sally! I reckon I could have stretched to Drambuie instead of Scotch, Lee! ;) I love 'rusty nails'...haven't had one for ages, now that I'm reminded!

    I know what you mean, Della...yes, it does happen to me, too. I'm looking forward to what those shows from last night...I'll catch up with them during the week. I'm having a very lazy day today...reading, mainly.

    I'll have to sharpen my wits to be ready for you in 2007, Marc! I consider myself well forewarned! ;)

  20. Happy New Year, Lee.

  21. Thank you, Corn Dog...same to you...I hope you have a great 2007! :)

  22. That posting sounded almost poetic, very evocative words, so I decided to compose a piece about the drought with Qld in mind.

    One year gone on our fragile earth crust
    Drought to continue as what falls is fine dust
    Endless sunshine, no torrents of rain
    Black cockatoos screech no water on plains !!

    Farewell mighty rivers your flows now in doubt
    From high country to trickles at sea mouth
    Mouth dry and silted, current no place to go
    Rivers so desperate to increase their flow

    The deep oceans currents are still guided by stars
    But the water from rivers are memories from afar
    Refreshment for crops is only dry air
    Rain for farmers prays a nation who cares

    Best wishes for 2007 and an end to the drought !

  23. Thank you for your wonderful poem, Lindsay...let's hope the drought does break, everywhere and the rivers no longer are dry, barren beds.

    Happy New Year to you, too. :)