Thursday, December 14, 2006


I can't believe I've lived this hundred and fifty years....naaa...I'm kiddin'....29 and a half years! And I have never watched a Test Match! I've watched snippets...but never have I watched the cricket! Sure...I've watched One-Day Matches...and I must admit, I've enjoyed them, but I always falsely believed that test matches were boring! Have I changed or has cricket changed? I've been deluded all my life! (Well...that's not news!)

This Ashes Series is really exciting! I never thought I would say such a diabolic thing! But it is here...written/typed in black and white! You are my witnesses! I can't take these words back....nor do I wish to! My God! I've become one of 'those'!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrrrgggggh! I'm a cricket freak! (Pass me a beer, please!)


  1. In 29 and a half years there have only been 7 ashes series Lee, and you would have been too young to enjoy 2 or 3 of those so you haven't missed as much as you may think.

  2. date 62 Ashes Series have been played.

    I think you picked your numbers out of the same barrel I picked my age numbers! ;)

  3. Hahaha ... enjoy being one of "those", Lee !!!
    Take care, Meow

  4. What a terrible admission I have made, meow...but I can't take it's there for all the world to see!!!!!! ;)

  5. Hi Lee just got back to visit, I said....
    in 29 and a half years there have only been 7 ashes series, emphasis on the 29 and a half years!!

  6. I guess I should say "Duh!" again, Peter! ;)