Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What An Game!

Now, that was cricket! What a day of cricket it was yesterday! Shane Warne maybe lots of things but one thing is for certain, he is a magnificent bowler!

Australia took no prisoners yesterday, totally confusing and knocking out any confidence the Poms may still have had. After four days of battle, yesterday culminated in wondrous defeat by the Aussies of the Poms! What a great day of cricket it was. Warne, at 37 years of age, the greatest Test wicket-taker of all time, belied his years as he bowled unchanged for two sessions. His brilliance as a spin bowler shone brightly and cannot be denied.

Towards the end of the game it was 'edge-of-seat stuff'...reminiscent of the One-Day cricket matches. The crowd went wild and so did our cricketers as the Poms left the cricket field, lost, confused and alone.

Yesterday, Australia stormed to a 2-0 lead in the five-Test Ashes' series with a six wicket win...just in case there's anyone out there who may have missed the News! Huge! Huge! Huge!

Bring on the third Test in Perth...I can't wait!


  1. You're right Lee, that was one of the best days cricket ever and didn't the Adelaide crowd flock in to be part of history.
    There were hero's galore, as well as Warne, there were McGrath, Lee and Clarke all of whom bowled magnificently. The batsmen who overcame the huge England 1st innings score, would Hussey swap places with anyone on earth today?
    But my heart went out to Paul Collingwood, could any one man do more to try to win a test?
    A GREAT, GREAT game.

  2. Yes...there were many heroes, yesterday, Peter...and one mustn't overlook Hussey, that's for sure. I've never been so excited over a test match as I was yesterday...it was wonderful. And you're right, Collingwood tried his best to stand up to the Aussie bombardment.

  3. Enthralling match with an unexpected outcome. One of the best cricket matches for many moons.

  4. I reckon it was...I've rarely watching a test match right through but this one grabbed my attention and I was sucked in...and am glad I was as it will go down in history.

  5. I'm not a diehard cricket fan although I enjoy watching the game, but this match was a beauty!!

    I was at work and the two TVs in the waiting room were going plus the one out the back. Everytime I went to get a coffee (or to sneak a quick peak), there was a doctor or two watching (too bad about the patients, this was cricket, much more important!).

    The patients were reluctant to go to their appointments, it was quite funny. But it just goes to show what a sports mad lot we are...

  6. It certainly does, Robyn...but it was a tremendous game...who could have guessed how great that final day would be!

    As I said previously, I've never been a mad fan either, of watching test matches...I do enjoy the 'one-day' games because they are fast etc.,...but after getting sucked into this particular Ashes series by all the media hype beforehand, I've come to appreciate the strategy of the game, something I've never taken any notice of previously.