Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One Strand of Hair Left!!!!

I will be polite and not say what I really want to say! To be honest, I think I've used every expletive in the book this morning, and some not yet invented! I've been having no end of problems trying to write a new post in here! Too much snow on the lines? Not here...it would melt! Anyway, I've calmed down a teeny-weeny bit as I managed to get in here to post by using my OLD account! Who am I to questions the ways and means of blogger!

So to vent my rage, I'm posting a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I hope you like it.

Carnival of Torment

I star in life's carnival veiled in my disguise hiding my torment
Concealed from the games you play your art of manipulation
Offender of my heart I am now accustomed to my discontent
Borrowed instances of happiness are a momentary aberration

Walking as if in someone else's skin I am a face lost in a crowd
Has it ever occurred to you the damage caused by your deceit
Despairing bitter suffering envelops me like a long grey shroud
Confused tortured by my inadequacies forlornly I admit defeat

In the darkness here in the real world I give my plaintive cry intense
Rendered in the midnight hour abducted by the wind jarring echoes
Shall I ever learn to breathe again soften a heart hardened in defense
Will someone be my saviour shall my tears keep falling like dominoes

Maybe a day will come when at last I shall be able to return the favour
Or perhaps I will abandon the pain stow away from the torture you cause
Detour past the hazard of you a search for happiness to be my endeavour
No negative threads left of you no longer thoughts of you to give me pause


  1. Hi Lee
    Very intensive and evocative, the amazing effect of words . what we say and how others relate causes us to express our emotions, just as you have done in such an imaginative way.

    I enjoyed reading even though it is a somewhat sorrowful expression.

    Yes and I had the embarrassing experience of reattempting to leave a comment on anothers blog, it didn't seem to work until I realised to my horror it was duplicated many times over.

    Be forgiving of blogger ,it's service is free, just as is its frustrations at times.
    The new beta is quicker and easier I find however , except for comments !!

  2. Hi Lindsay...thanks for your positive comments.

    I am on Beta...for some reason or other, I just couldn't post a new post on my own blog. I could pass comment but not post. Where it should say "New Post", it said "Dashboard". Anyway, it's all back to normal again and I can post...hence my poem. :) I'm my own worst enemy...I get impatient when things don't work as they are supposed to work! ;)

  3. Hi Lee, don't know why you are being transported to Dashboard, but from there you should be able to go anywhere you choose including "New Post" I would make sure that I was signed in at this stage if I were you.

  4. It's all working fine again now, Peter. I wasn't being transported to dashboard....'Dashboard' was showing where "New Posts" should have been showing. When I clicked on "Dashboard" it took me to 'create a blog'. I didn't need to create a blog...I just wanted to post a new post. I was signed in...I signed in about a thousand times and as equally as many times out....but nothing would work. I ended up going back to my old mode...I sent about 6 emails to Google for them to fix the problem...whether it was coincidental or not, but all of a sudden things began to work as they should have been working and once again, instead of "Dashboard" showing up at the right top corner of my blog..."New Posts" re-appeared, thereby allowing me to post this last post.

    I can assure you, I tried everything for about three or more hours...but as I said, all is in working order once more...otherwise you wouldn't have been able to ready my post! ;)

  5. Gawd almighty, Lee. Blogger has changed - again!! I wish things would stay static for more than a few weeks. Sigh...

    Anyway, let's look to more exciting things - like the test on Boxing Day! Should be good viewing

    Trust you don't have to buy a wig and that your vocabulary of expletives doesn't become over-used!

  6. lol Robyn...no, I'm using Warney's hair restoration treatment! ;) I just heard on the news that Warne is going to announce his retirement following the completion of this test series. Yep...I'll be watching on Boxing Day, for sure. I remember when we were kids and it used to be on the radio!

    Oh...it was driving me crazy this morning, Robyn...then I thought of you and the problems you had the other day...lol

  7. Lee - you've been tagged, have a look at my blog.

  8. Paralyze resistance with persistence. That said, I have been pleased with my change to Wordpress - there's only a tiny learning curved.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your site. Liked your list of favorite movies though I think you need to throw a couple scary ones in there. Hitchcock maybe?

    Interesting poem. I'm no good at interpreting finer literature, though. Sounds though like you were bummed out about something.

  10. Anonymous10:18 AM

    It looks as if my blog problems have all been solved. No by me, but by someone. Beta is working pretty good. At the moment.

  11. Mike...I like it! I like it! Perhaps you will allow me to use that saying when the occasions arise. Persistance I have! I used plenty of it yesterday. It's now being replenished!

    Hi there Dave...I'm not really into scary/horror movies...I'm not easily scared or horrified by movies, I guess. But how about..."Rosemary's Baby", "The Shining"...they're two that come to my mind. I'm still a fan of both.

    Hi there Steve...mine are solved in a roundabout way, I guess...I have to log in through my OLD account! Beats me...but it works, so who am I to question the mysteries workings of blogger. As long as it works, that's what matters to me. :)

  12. I meant to thank you for visiting, Dave. Glad you like my blog. Thank you for your kind comments. :)