Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lock Them Up & Throw Away the Keys!

I was sickened and angered (what's new?) by a segment of the news this morning. A 58-year old man in Perth has been arrested for starting a bushfire, which destroyed one house along with other destruction. I really can not fathom what makes a person like this tick!

Bushfires are ravaging areas in this country at present, tearing people's lives apart, scouring the landscape, killing native wildlife. Brave, tireless firefights put their lives at risk to help others while a clown like this guy in Western Australia gets pleasure out of causing havoc in the lives of others.

He should be locked up forever and only let out to help fight bushfires...in the front line, before being put behind bars again! To start fires in this country, a country so susceptible to bushfires, is a major offence and should be given the stiffest punishment. A rap over the knuckles is not enough!

Are you magistrates and judges out there listening?

1 comment:

  1. It takes a really sick mind to light a bushfire as you say Lee, the penalties are just not deterant enough.