Wednesday, December 20, 2006

That Got Me Thinking!

I got 'tagged'! I'm supposed to give six things that are weird about me. This is a huge dilemma in which I find myself! Firstly, as I know little about 'tagging' and 'MeMe', that makes me weird for starters. Narrowing weird things about me down to six only is weird in itself! I have no idea where to begin. It would be easier for others to list what they think is weird about me as I'm sure there are many out there who think I'm very weird! There's not enough room in 'blogger' to list the weird things about me!

What I think is weird about me, perhaps others don't, and vice versa. Is it weird that I've not yet met my knight in shining armour, although I've auditioned quite a few? Or should I rephrase and say some have auditioned? Is it weird I enjoy my own space, company and living alone?

This is what I will do. I will let the "six-would-be-tagged" persons I'm supposed to tag, off the hook (this makes it easier for me. I'm doing myself more of a favour than I am you!) Instead I'm going to list a few of the things people do that annoy me. Perhaps from this following list, you can work out for yourselves my 'weird' quirks.

Things I Find Annoying...(Or Make Me Angry)

People who say they are going to do something then don't follow through
Snobs, whether social or intellectual
People who talk over others...who are more interested in hearing their own voices than listening to another
Bad Hygeine
Bad manners, including bad table manners
Tactless, thoughtless people any form
No sense of humour/of the ridiculous
Abuse of others...mental/emotional and physical
People who say, for reasons known only to themselves, that they never watch television, and yet, can quote verbatim sections from various programmes!
Being taken for granted
Anyone who tries (and/or succeeds) to belittle another
Unnecessary vulgarity
Predators of the human variety

My own impatience with myself annoys me, too...I guess that can be added to the "what's weird about me" list, together with always washing my face with cold water after showering.

I always start at the same end of the supermarket and work my way up and down the aisles finishing at the meat section at the opposite end before hitting the check-out when grocery shopping. I always unload my purchases at the check-out by placing similar items together to make it easier for the check-out girl to pack my goods...e.g...cold goods together, vegetables and fruit together, toiletries, so on and so on.

I hate shopping in large shopping centres! Living up on the mountain is great because shopping up here has a 'village-atmosphere" which I love. I rarely, and then only kicking and screaming, go down to the Gold Coast. If I have the choice, I prefer to head to the small country town of Beaudesert if I need to purchase something that's not available here on the mountain. Friends of mine think this is very weird of me...they love going shopping down the coast and drive down there at least, once a week, sometimes two or three times! Not me! That is not my style at all!

Another thing that is really weird about me is I'm not fond of being out at sea in a boat...yet, when I lived on Newry Island, I drove the island boat and had to row the dinghy out to the mooring every time I needed to use the 21-foot Trojan DeHavilland to go to the mainland to either pick up guests or provisions. It was different being the skipper, even though I'd never driven a boat before I lived on Newry, being in control of the boat, I never became sea sick. I didn't have another option. I lived on the island alone!!! I suppose being a woman, living on the island alone and managing it alone was weird, too. Lots of people would ask me if I was scared/nervous living on the island alone. My answer: "If I was that kind of person, I wouldn't be doing it, would I?"

I love flying in light/small aircraft. I hate Fraser Island!

All of the above is enough information about myself for now and more than enough for you to work on! Count yourself lucky I've not 'tagged' you! That's my Christmas present to you!


  1. Gidday Lee, phew again and my last comment.
    Ah, so you've been tagged, you lucky "devil". Jim did this to me some time ago and I was so impressed (not).
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post on Coffs Harbour. The country around the N.E. of NSW is just beautiful
    Just a reminder that you may remember my post way back on 26th July where I showed all my previous Xmas photos and you commented wanting to see this years.
    Waal, the time is almost near as I will be posting this photo on Friday.
    May you have a enjoyable Christmas and a safe and health New Year. Roll on 2007 for the next instalment of blogging posts.

  2. Hi Lee,

    My sister and my nephew both get car sick unless they are the drivers, and my nephew found that it works when he gets sea sick on a boat too.

    That must of been really something living on the island all by yourself, can you post about that some time?


  3. Oh Lee, I sooooo agree with you about big shopping centres ... I hate them with a vengeance ... eeewwww. I prefer the local Safeway, which is a stand-alone store. I start one end, finish the other, unpack my groceries in a particular order, pay and get out of there !!!
    Take care, and Merry Christmas ... Meow

  4. I'm waiting, Wazza...and I look forward to seeing this year's pics... all the best for Christmas and New Year to you, too. :)

    G'day, Janice...yes, I shall post more on my island life...I've got many stories to relate. Be careful what you wish for! ;) Merry Christmas to you, Janice...and enjoy every single moment of it. :)

    Hey Meow...I'm glad you're a 'weirdo' like I am...makes me feel I'm not alone! Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year to you, too. :)

  5. And, Janice...I hate sitting in the rear seats of cars, too...I get motion sickness from that, too! I've been at the home of friends tonight for a Christmas party and this was part of a conversation that arose. I think it's also a feeling of claustrophia that comes into play.

  6. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Great post Lee. I would love to hear about the island life. Sounds so interesting.

  7. Hi, Lee. I don't think you're weird at all! I agree with all of the things you list which annoy you in others, especially meanness and the lack of a sense of the ridiculous. You'd probably think me very weird in that I hate the countryside!

  8. Hi Steve & Welshcakes,

    Back in November, I wrote two stories about when I lived on Hinchinbrook Island, Steve.."Bring on the Bubbly" and "When Is a Snake Not a Snake"...6th and 3rd Nov respectively. Watch this space for more! ;)

    No...I don't think that is weird, Welshcakes...I love looking at the countryside and having it around me but I'm not one who hikes through it! ;)

  9. I took the cowards way out Lee, just told Robyn I don't do meme's, I did a few way back but then they became a 3 per week thing so I bailed out.
    You come across as only slightly weird, it would be sad not to have any "weird".

  10. lol Peter! I love your comment that I'm "only slightly weird"! So true! So true! I think I'm a little more than 'slightly!' lol